Donda Listening Party Miami

Donda Project – Listening Party – Miami

A Vision in Flames

When Grammy Winner Kanye West released his long-awaited album ‘Donda 2,’ he brought with him a more dilapidated version of his childhood home (a set that had been previously built for a show in Chicago), and soon after construction, Production Plus had it ready to burst into flames.

The Donda Miami Listening Party was a highly anticipated event showcasing Kanye West’s album “Donda 2.” Known for his creative vision and innovative approach to live performances, West’s team collaborated with Production Plus to design and build a custom set.


Kanye West


Miami, Fl

Project Type

Entertainment Event, Live Event

Core Service Offering

Pre-Production, Custom Scenic Construction, Event Management, Logistics

Donda Listening Party – Chicago

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1 to 1 Scale

Production Plus worked closely with West’s design team to bring his artistic vision to life. Under tight deadlines, Production Plus incorporated various elements, combining technology, aesthetics, and stagecraft. The stage was carefully designed to accommodate Kanye West’s performance and facilitate seamless transitions between different segments of the experience, adding to the immersive experience and creating a visually stimulating environment.

Behind the Build

Throughout the entire scenic build process, Production Plus prioritizes collaboration, creativity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail to deliver high-quality scenic productions that meet their client’s vision and exceed expectations.