Event Production Process

Event Production Process

At Production Plus, we work closely with our clients to design and construct immersive experiences that utilize cutting-edge technology and design trends. Our expertise in scenic construction and custom fabrication, paired with end-to-end event management solutions, ensures that every client receives high-quality service and support throughout the entire production process.

Engineering Your Design

Our skilled designers utilize the latest software and technology to translate concepts into detailed technical drawings and 3D renderings. These designs capture the aesthetic aspects and consider structural integrity, safety requirements, and functionality.


Material Selection and Fabrication

Let’s create the perfect setting for your story. Production Plus has a wide range of materials at our disposal, including wood, metal, plastics, fabrics, and more. We carefully select the appropriate materials based on the design requirements, durability, and budget. Skilled craftsmen then use their expertise to fabricate the scenic elements, paying meticulous attention to detail and quality.

Whether it’s a custom-built trade show booth, a branded pop-up shop, or an artistic installation, we have the expertise and resources to turn your vision into reality.


Start to Finish Support

worker build a concert stage


Production Plus handles the logistics of transporting the custom scenic elements to the event venue. We maintain a focus on quality control during the on-site installation. Our scenic technicians conduct regular checks to ensure that all installations are structurally sound, visually appealing and meet the build specifications. Attention to detail is crucial, and any adjustments or modifications needed are made promptly to achieve the desired outcome.

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Going Live & On-site Support

Production Plus brings a team of skilled professionals with expertise in various fields, such as scenic design, lighting, audiovisual production, and special effects. These experts work together to ensure that each element of the installation is executed with precision and meets the desired scope of work. They handle the technical setup of equipment and address any technical challenges that may arise during the installation process.

forklift unloading even truck


We know trucking plays a crucial role in ensuring a live event goes smoothly. That’s why, Production Plus manages the logistics of transporting equipment, props, and materials to the event venue. They coordinate with vendors and suppliers to ensure the timely delivery of all necessary items. Onsite, they oversee the setup process, including coordinating with the venue staff, rigging crews, and other involved parties. They ensure that all elements are positioned correctly, securely, and in accordance with safety regulations.