Experiential Events

Experience Driven Events to Activate Your Brand

Experiential events offer a unique opportunity to connect with customers in a multi-sensory and memorable way. These events go beyond traditional marketing tactics by immersing attendees in an environment specifically designed to engage their senses and emotions.

By understanding the target audience’s preferences, interests, and demographics, Production Plus can create an event that resonates with attendees personally. Our scenic builds are customizations that enhance the overall experience and ensure that participants feel strongly connected to the brand or message.

Brand Activation

samsung flip

Samsung Unpacked

Samsung Electronics showcases the power of innovation and connects with the Galaxy Community. Samsung Unpacked events are significant moments in the tech industry, providing insights into Samsung’s latest innovations and shaping the expectations of consumers for their upcoming product releases.

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CNN Grill

The CNN Grill is a temporary pop-up restaurant and broadcasting venue that is typically set up during major political events, such as the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in the United States. It is operated by CNN, a prominent news network.

The CNN Grill serves as a gathering place for journalists, politicians, delegates, and other attendees of these events. It provides a unique atmosphere where people can enjoy meals, watch live broadcasts, participate in panel discussions, and engage in networking opportunities.

mountain dew brand activation

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is a famous citrus-flavored soft drink brand known for its high caffeine content and energetic marketing campaigns. The partnership between Mountain Dew and the NBA has also created limited-edition co-branded products and packaging. Mountain Dew has released special NBA-themed cans and bottles featuring team logos and player images, allowing fans to show their support for their favorite teams and players while enjoying the refreshing beverage.