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Donda Chicago- Kanye West

Newest Era of Kanye

Grammy Winner Kanye West envisioned bringing his childhood home from a South Shore neighborhood to Chicago’s Soldier Field. While bringing his actual home across town would prove logistically impossible. Technology allowed us to scan the property before it was scheduled to be demolished and create a replica of Kanye’s childhood home.


Kanye West


Chicago, IL

Project Type

Entertainment Event, Live Event

Core Service Offering

Pre-Production, Custom Scenic Construction, Event Management, Logistics

Kanye West Childhood Home

Before the Build

To create a scale model of Kayne West’s childhood home, the crew at Production Plus scanned the building using the latest imaging capture cameras and software.

Our team utilized a photogrammetry process to create a 3D model of the house. After the 3D model was created, then scale was developed for the desired dimensions; this involves measuring known reference points on the building and adjusting the model accordingly. Then errors or imperfections are manually improved, and the render is surfaced. Once the model is finalized, you can export it in a suitable format for visualization and further analyzed.


Creating the Vision

For a whole week, our team was at Soldier Field constructing the build for showtime. Our on-site team handles all builds jobs with care, ensuring that project runs smoothly from start to end.

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It’s showtime! When the show is happening, our support team can be there every step of the way if needed. To wrap up the project, our team will even help with take down and clean up.

The Build in Action