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Exhibition Design for MSNBC

Production Plus offers complete exhibition design solutions with vast experience in delivering creative and innovative event productions. Exhibition, sometimes used interchangeably with exhibit, design is a continually evolving field, combining many aspects designed to tell a story in three dimensional space. Our exhibition designers work collaboratively to build a conceptual plan and determine the most effective method of telling your story.

We take your vision from concept to a three dimensional reality, moving from a conceptual plan throughout schematic design development, to fabrication and installation. Designing exhibitions requires a multi-disciplinary approach by integrating several key processes which come together to develop a communicative environment.

Exhibition Design Components

Exceptional exhibition design is much more than creating art and mastering spatial planning. An experienced exhibition design company knows that in order to create exhibits that connect with your audience, your exhibit must provide a deeper understanding of a subject and allow them to interpret that information. Your exhibitions should evoke engagement and influence emotion.
In order to turn your concept into a physical, communicative environment, you need to integrate many aspects which include:

  • Spatial planning
  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Graphic design
  • Audio visual features
  • Lighting
  • Working structures
  • Automation
  • Multimedia
  • Typography
  • Narrative delivery

Production Plus works with you to establish the thematic direction and develop the most appropriate design to achieve the communicative goals of your exhibit. We provide technical expertise in translating visual and language designs into detailed specifications needed for exhibit fabrication and installation.

Designing Exhibitions for Various Applications

Outstanding exhibition design capabilities are sought by many industries worldwide to enhance their user experience and tell their audiences a story with a physical, creative environment. Exhibition designers create exhibits for a variety of industries and applications such as:

  • Museums
  • Trade shows
  • Expositions
  • Retail stores
  • Heritage parks
  • Live shows
  • Product launches
  • Corporate environments

Whether looking to build relationships, community or create a sense of place, Production Plus provides the expertise in exceptional exhibition design services that connect and engage your audience. With more than 40 years of experience, we are an event production and exhibition company with an understanding of what drives the human factor of your audience. We harness physical space to create environments that communicate with visual storytelling.

There has been a shift in the last decade as designing exhibitions has evolved to place more focus on the user experience over the importance of just telling your story. You may need to connect with a diverse demographic group in a personal way that resonates with them.

Production Plus delivers experience, combined with innovation, creativity and the unique advantage of having all designers and specialists collaborating under one roof. This allows us to create the most interactive exhibits that talk to your audience and visually tell your story.

Exhibition Design Combined with Complete Event Production Services

Production Plus offers exceptional exhibition design solutions combined with comprehensive event production services to be your one-stop event solution house. We provide cutting edge exhibit designs that work as hard as you do to embody your brand and engage your audience. Save time, money and headaches by working with an experienced exhibition designer who offers full event production services including:

  • Exhibition design
  • Exhibit fabrication
  • Audio visual solutions
  • Scenic constructions
  • Rigging
  • App development
    • Custom event apps
    • Augmented reality apps
    • Virtual reality apps
  • Event rental equipment
  • Digital event rendering
  • Corporate event solutions
  • Live event solutions
  • All event logistics

Production Plus combines a wide range of technologies and techniques to create experiences that connect with your audience. We enhance any exhibition with lighting, digital and printed solutions and creativity that gets the conversation started. Our exhibition designers provide exhibit solutions which strengthen connections, inspire interactions and enrich the user experience.

Production Plus is recognized as a leading event production company with experience in all U.S. States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, North America and South America. We provide the user experience that tells your story with engaging narrative in three-dimensional displays. Contact us to learn more about our expertise in all event solutions including engaging exhibition design.

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