Virtual Event Streaming

Event Streaming

A Digital Solution When the Show Must Go On

Many companies find themselves in need of solutions when they are unable to continue with a live or corporate event as planned. Many factors can throw a curveball into your well laid out event such as:

  • Venue closings
  • Travel restrictions
  • Health concerns in the area

Virtual conferences can take the place of live events, allowing the show to go on with live, streaming services. Use in place of a live event when unable to host as planned, or stream in those unable to make it so they can watch live on their laptop or tablet.

Completely Scalable Virtual Events to Meet Your Needs

Production Plus offers comprehensive virtual event solutions for all types of events, completely scalable from a small audience to 10,000+ viewers, the opportunities are endless. We’ll create event apps that tell your story with spectacular streaming solutions, for any size of audience.

Augmented Reality

We can create an augmented reality (AR) virtual event, or any combination of creative virtual streaming capabilities.

IT Support

Are you worried about your computer’s capabilities while streaming from a remote location? Is your internet connection reliable? Let Production Plus give you an IT evaluation to ensure your Virtual event goes off without a glitch. An increase in traffic puts stress on shared networks, make sure your live streaming event doesn’t crash and burn due to hardware, software or internet issues.

Pre-Recorded Event Solutions

Avoid the pitfalls that can occur during live streaming with a pre-recorded event. We can help you with everything from IT support to lighting, sound and professional video solutions – all remotely.

Our virtual event solutions provide the functionality and scalability to reach your audience of any size with a wide range of solutions. Whether keeping in touch with students, employees, customers or hosting virtual trade shows, presentations with keynote speakers and break-out sessions, we’ve got the virtual solution for you.

Event Streaming


Tell Your Story Live with Production Plus PROPLUSSTREAM

Production Plus offers PROSTREAM, a solution when you still need to get your message out –  with a place to broadcast and a place to watch live events, providing many valuable features. 

Contact us now to save your event date and tell your story with a professional, PROPLUSSTREAM solution. 

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