Augmented Reality App

Augmented reality app

Augmented reality (AR) app development is the process of converting raw ideas into an application.  Augmented reality is different from virtual reality in that a virtual reality app is a computer-generated environment you can interact with, while augmented reality alters the reality that you would normally see rather than replacing it.  By combining elements from the real world with the digital world, augmented reality provides a new world to the app user.

Augmented reality incorporates sound, images and location data to provide an alluring, informative and changed view of reality with components included in context to the current environment. Users of AR apps find themselves interacting with a digitally manipulated surrounding masked into their real-world environment. AR apps are not only for entertainment as they are increasingly used in many industries such as architecture, e-commerce and healthcare.

Many companies are realizing the benefits of implementing augmented reality development with their audience to enhance their users’ experiences. Companies are seeking an experienced app developer to provide product demos, deliver real-time information to their audience and provide interactive marketing and communication to their customers.  Working with an experienced app developer will provide the most innovative and engaging app which meets all your objectives while transforming your user’s experience into a new realm.

Production Plus is a Leader Among APP Development  Companies

augmented reality app for eventsProduction Plus is an innovative augmented reality app development company with vast experience in creating custom apps which ignite the imagination of your audience and connect them with your message like never before.  We begin our  app development process like all our event solutions, with a meticulous plan created from skilled and experienced technicians who partner with you from the beginning. We are dreamers, creators and innovators who love to tell your story with exciting and engaging event solutions, including custom and augmented reality apps which meet your objectives and far exceed your expectations.

Our augmented reality development team works closely with you to transform rough concepts into final app solutions.  We possess in-depth knowledge of the right software development platform and how to define, design, deliver and deploy the custom augmented reality app for iOS, Android or Microsoft HoloLens for a more immersive AR experience.

Types of Augmented Reality Development

Augmented reality app development contains two types of AR apps, marker-based or location based. Production Plus has vast experience in developing both types of augmented reality apps.  Marker based apps utilize image recognition to display digital data when the marker is recognized, with predetermined markers and images. With items predetermined and hard coded in the app, these are popular in marketing and advertising applications.

Location based AR apps operate without the use of markers, as they detect the user’s current location with GPS to overlay an AR object over real world physical places.  The most well known location based AR app is Pokemon Go. Location based augmented reality apps can send the user notifications based on their current location to provide new digital AR overlays.

Location based AR apps provide valuable user experience beyond entertainment, as these apps can be used for real world functions such as reinforcing your meeting message with attendees going on an augmented reality scavenger hunt.

Production Plus for Experienced Augmented Reality App Development

Production Plus provides custom app solutions with augmented reality app development that meets your usability objectives and business goals.  We offer a dedicated team of skilled app developers with vast experience in providing custom apps to compliment any event including corporate and live events.  We are experienced in delivering AR apps via any method of delivery, within your time frame and your budget.

Production Plus is a leading event solutions provider, telling your spectacular story through engaging displays with amazing audio visual effects.  Our app development team works with you to develop the right custom app to compliment any event or stand on its own for continued audience engagement.  Contact us today to speak with a skilled app developer and learn more about our total event solutions including augmented reality app development.

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