Live Events Make a Great Marketing Investment

There is a good reason why companies still produce live events as opposed to simpler and less expensive methods of communicating such as social media, email and online marketing. Live events connect with your audience in ways that only face-to-face meetings can, with real physical engagement and personal connections.  These …

Experiential Marketing of Your Brand With An Event Production

Providing a transformative experience is one of the most important recent trends for producing successful corporate events.  Experiential marketing provides the opportunity to increase your brand perception by providing a pleasant and memorable experience.

Live Music Event Production: Tips On Noise Management

Live music event productions and music festivals produce higher than normal levels of noise and it is important for event planners to consider local Noise Council guidelines.  Skilled audio technicians with experience in live event productions should have the technology to monitor noise levels and the knowledge to make sure …

Don’t Let Bad Acoustics For A Live Event Ruin It

It is extremely important to consider the acoustics of your venue during the planning phase of your live event to avoid an audio catastrophe. Too many times, event planners realize that the acoustics of their room does not support their speakers or background music during the event, when it’s too …

What Kind of Stage Design Do You Need for Your Live Event?

Setting the stage for your live event has one major goal in mind, to create an environment which emphasizes and enhances the very important message of your presentation.  There are many factors that contribute to determining your event stage design needs.

How to Use Social Media for an Event

Social media is proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools, especially for event marketing and promotion. Using social media for an event includes a multilayered and complex process, although when used correctly is indispensable for engaging attendees.  Social media isn’t just for marketing and promoting your event, …

Low Carbon Live Events are a Growing Trend- Part 2

The trend to live our lives in eco-friendly and sustainable manners is not slowing down, in fact it spills into every industry, including event planning.  Sustainable event planning is one of the top 2019 event trends for the industry and every event planner would be wise to get on board.