What to Look for in Event Production Companies

event production company for harley davidsonWhen you are planning a major corporate event, whether it be an internal team training session, unveiling a new product or just a huge celebration, you need all elements to come together with perfect execution. Creative event solutions brought together with impeccable timing requires skill, experience and dedication to telling your story by engaging and inspiring your audience. Not all event production companies are created equal. 

Don’t leave anything to chance with your next important event, be sure to ask the following questions when looking for the right event solutions partner.

1) What is their level of experience and do they have references?

You can’t leave your message or branding to chance with just any company, be sure that your event solutions partner has plenty of experience in delivering awesome and inspiring experiences. A positive track record with satisfied customers proves that your event company is experienced in delivering all aspects of event solutions such as audiovisual technology, scenic and stage design. Ask for references and who your point person will be for communication.

2) What services do they provide and includes logistics management?

Advantages of working with a company that provides full-service comprehensive event productions are streamlined communication, vendor reduction and personal attention. When you find one event solutions partner that can do it all, that alleviates a huge burden from your event planning team. Event production companies which also manage all logistics add the greatest value by ensuring that all of your materials, personnel and equipment will be in the right place at the right time.

3) What locations do they service and are the experienced with international event productions?

Experienced event production companies will have produced shows in many different areas, states and countries. If your event is planned across state borders or especially overseas, you need to make sure that all materials will be in place when needed. It takes experience and skill to produce international shows and to transport materials and props through customs with on-time delivery. Make sure that your event partner is experienced in logistics management and accounting for customs and travel time.
Knowing the answers to these questions will give you confidence in choosing the right event solutions partner to meet your objectives.

Production Plus Is Your Full-Service Event Solutions Partner

Production Plus is your full-service event solutions partner, offering experience, references and logistics management including international travel. We have more than 40 years of experience in telling your spectacular story through fantastic and unexpected event solutions. We provide:

  • Event staging
  • Exhibition design
  • Scenic construction
  • Audiovisual services
  • Digital solutions and app development
  • Logistics management
  • Event rental equipment

Production Plus offers proven event solutions through decades of experience, implementation of advanced technology and dedication to exceeding your expectations. We delight your audience through creative and innovative experiences which promote your brand awareness and market share.

Production Plus is a leading event production company known for high-tech event solutions delivered with a personal touch to captivate and engage your audience. We are your one-stop event solutions partner dedicated to telling your story through creative and innovative event services. Contact us to learn how we partner with you to meet your goals and delight your audience.

Contact us today to learn more about our live event production services.