Ways to Ensure an Engaging Business Event

business eventEngaging your audience with your message is key to any successful business event, you want to give your attendees an experiential event with a positive vibe in a subtle way.  Appealing to the five senses; sight, sound, taste, touch and smell is a good rule of thumb to live by to connect with your audience. 

Sight – set an appealing visual stage from the minute your attendees walk through the door, into the venue and to their seats.  Inviting décor, an interesting stage and visuals such as a scrolling video or larger than life constructions of your new product are some ways to get the attention of your audience visually.

Sound – work with your AV service provider to be sure that nothing is left to chance with your sound system.  It’s important to make sure that everyone in the venue can hear your message, but also to make sound an appealing part of your event with calming music during intermissions or an exciting thumping sound to get the group fired up.  Whatever your message, top if off with the right sound mix and you’re sure to keep the attention of your audience and get them excited about your message.

Taste – appealing to the taste buds is another way to connect with your audience.  Consider your menu and the delivery to make it even more appealing and relevant to your message.  Whatever you do, don’t have a long drawn out presentation without offering snacks to alleviate any hunger pains, people just aren’t themselves when they’re hungry.

Touch – we often neglect the sense of touch for our business events and want to cram as much information as possible towards our audience.  Be sure to keep their attention with comfortable seating and offer giveaway items they can hold in their hands to drive home your message and provide a memorable token through the sensation of touch.

Smell –  smell is recognized as a strong sense which is associated with memory and can evoke strong emotional reactions.  Providing a pleasing aroma will go a long way to creating a memorable event.

In addition to appealing to the five senses, be sure to keep your audience connected and promote time for guests to mingle at your event and engage on social media.  Stay connected with your audience before, during and after the show through custom developed event apps.  Talk with your event production company about app development and how you can tie it into your event and your brand to promote long term relationships.

Production Plus, based out of Chicago, leads the event production industry with more than 40 years of experience and a skilled team consisting of the best artists, engineers, designers, app developers and event planners in the industry.  We provide comprehensive event services under one roof for your one stop event solutions partner. Contact us to learn more about connecting with your audience through engaging sensory techniques.