Virtual Event Planning Tips to Avoid Pitfalls

pitfalls of virtual streamingTransitioning your live event into an online only version may seem like a big undertaking, but with the right virtual event planning and technology you can avoid many common pitfalls.  Any live or corporate event is never a one-size-fits-all and planning a virtual event requires the same thought process.  Here are some tips to consider to plan the perfect virtual event:

1) Consider the audience, design your event tech accordingly

Just as with any in-person event, you want to consider your audience and their level of understanding technology.  If your audience is not very tech-savvy, they may feel overwhelmed at the thought of connecting through virtual means.  If this is the case it may be best to keep it simple without too many moving parts and provide extremely user-friendly connectivity options.

On the other hand, if your audience is a high-tech crowd,  you can still deliver with creative graphics, sound, and interesting content.  Provide value to your audience with a custom developed virtual or augmented reality app and keep in touch with chat and networking options.

For both the tech savvy or technically challenged, limiting the amount of things that people must download is a good idea.  Although depending on the audience, they might appreciate a free download of something valuable to them just for tuning in.

2) Hone your presentation skills

Keeping the attention of a digital audience is quite different from addressing a live crowd.  You may be a very skilled public speaker, but it takes practice to maintain eye contact with your camera.  Do some sample recordings and play them back so you can gauge your body positioning, speaking volume and where it appears your eyes are focused.  Looking into the camera makes the audience feel like you’re talking to them, while looking down at your keyboard or notes can be a bit off-putting if it appears you are constantly looking down.  Practice your online presentation skills before planning to take your virtual event live.

3)  Use engagement tools

Use group chat functions to encourage networking during meeting breaks, send out polls to solicit feedback, use screen sharing or share content when appropriate.

4) Avoid complex platforms

Avoid using complex platforms and to truly avoid any pitfalls with your virtual event, it’s best to speak with a technical virtual event producer with experience.  A professional will have a better understanding of the capabilities of various platforms and all the options available.  Consulting with a virtual event guru will give you the edge you need to feel confident in your virtual presentation.

Production Plus is a leading virtual event production company with years of experience in telling stories through a wide variety of formats.  We offer virtual event solutions and help you from planning through execution and post event analytics.  Contact us to learn more about avoiding pitfalls for a flawless virtual event. 

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