Types of Virtual Events

how to live stream an eventWith the increase in demand for virtual events, many companies are thinking outside the box and wondering what types of virtual events they can have in 2020.  While nothing can quite take the place of face-to-face meetings, virtual events can provide a similar experience and an avenue for companies to share knowledge, promote their brand or new products and engage an audience.  There are many types of virtual events that allow companies to stay in touch with their audience and customer base.

The components of a virtual event must still be planned out like a live event – which speakers to include, the timing and duration of presentations and how to meet the needs of your targeted audience.  You will still need creative, attention grabbing visuals and content to keep your audience interested. 

Here are a few examples of the many options available to you with types of virtual events to maintain that valuable connection with your audience.

Virtual Conferences

This is probably the most popular type of virtual event, a conference comprised of sessions with various speakers and educational content.  A virtual conference can be a one time event or cove the span of a few days as in a conference series.  This type of event allows you to connect with a large audience no matter where they are in the world, allowing collaboration between CEOs, stakeholders, employees and customers.

Producing a virtual conference can provide a new means of networking, sharing and learning.  Keep your company momentum going by using virtual conferences to grow your network and deliver important, educational, training or informational content.

Virtual Event Prior to a Live Event

You can host a virtual event to stay in touch with your audience and remind them of the many exciting things your upcoming live event will provide.  Using a virtual event as a lead-in to a live, physical event is a great way to maximize your attendance registrations, generate increased interest and foster meaningful networking opportunities.

Providing a preview of the exciting things your live event will offer keeps your audience engaged until the big day.  Virtual events prior to a live event will increase your attendance and audience engagement.  People enjoy seeing a sneak peek at what they can explore during your main event.  This is a great way to achieve the most return on your investment as live events require a lot of planning and expense.  Get the most out of your investment by adding a virtual event precursor to your upcoming live event.

Follow-Up to Live Events

With the amount of planning that goes into a live event, you want to be sure that you can stay in touch with your attendees after the show.  Hosting a virtual follow up meeting is a perfect way to answer any questions attendees had but did not get a chance to ask.  This provides an opportunity to recap the most important elements of your live conference and re-energize attendees interest.  It is also a great way to include your audience or customer base that did not have a chance to attend physically.  

Planning Sessions

Providing a virtual platform for CEOs, employees or stakeholders to discuss important strategic planning issues is a great way to foster involvement.  You can get feedback from many participants and have a chance to solicit various perspectives from all stakeholders.  For large companies, virtual planning sessions are cost effective as all VIPS can attend without any travel expenses.

Virtual events provide a solution when live events are not possible and also as an added feature before, or after your in-person event.  In order to realize the full potential of any type of virtual event, you should consult with a professional video and virtual event company. 

Production Plus Offers Virtual and Live Event Solutions

Production Plus offers event solutions whether you are planning a live event and want a virtual aspect included, or you are shifting from an in-person meeting to a virtual platform.  Our event specialist partner with you to provide the same level of planning that goes into stellar live shows – we help you define your goals and deliver an amazing event experience that captivates your audience.  We can help you to analyze your IT requirements, make sure your connections are solid and provide innovative delivery of creative content.

Production Plus, based in Chicago, has over 40 years of producing successful live and corporate events, with in-house tech specialists providing digital solutions.  We offer virtual and augmented reality apps as well as professional video and digital solutions.  Contact us for more information and learn how we can help with any type of virtual event.