Shifting from Physical events To Virtual Events

convert an onsite event into a virtual eventWith the numerous cancellations of various trade shows and conferences across the country, many industry leaders are scrambling to convert an onsite event into a virtual event.  This can seem like a daunting task to convert live demonstrations to video demonstrations, which requires an alteration of your entire strategy.  With the right guidance, you can keep your event plans and showcase your products or tell your story with a virtual event solution.

In order to satisfy your audience and provide a virtual event that generates leads, you will need to consider the following tips:

  • Define the goals which will guide your event
  • Develop a compelling message with your own unique story
  • Create the right format for the best customer experience
  • Work with a professional video design and production company

Talk with an experienced virtual event provider to develop the right approach and maintain communication with your customers.  Creating an immersive online experience will keep your event and your business going strong and let your audience know you are here for them.

Creating Online Events that Generate Leads

The main goal of any live or corporate event is to connect with your audience and ultimately, generate leads.  Virtual events can absolutely accomplish this goal with the right approach.  Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and remember what is most important to them.

Keep Your Presentation Interesting

It might seem simple to create an online presentation, but do not forget that you are competing with a host of distractions that are non-existent when you have a captive, live audience.  Remote viewers could quickly disengage if they are bored or distracted.  Forget the mundane PowerPoint presentations and monotone pre-recordings from your CEO, instead think about creating a powerful experience for your remote viewers. 

Pre-recorded presentations should include clear, concise language, brand elements and captivating video presentation.  Combining interesting and engaging content is necessary to get emotional buy-in from your remote audience.

Animated Content

Developing interesting content is key to keeping the attention of your audience.  Consider 2D, 3D, virtual reality or augmented reality solutions that provide an immersive experience.  You can still walk your audience through a product demonstration or show a ‘how-to’ session which keeps their interest with exciting, animated content.

Evaluate Your IT Capabilities

This is a big part of virtual presentations that you cannot afford to overlook.  First, determine if you want to attempt a live presentation, or a pre-recorded presentation, or a combination of both.  With additional strains on some Wi-Fi networks, connections may lag or crash altogether.  Do not lose your audience due to poor IT planning, work with a professional virtual event specialist to evaluate your IT network to avoid an online disaster.

In addition to your Wi-Fi network and hardware specifications, other factors affect the success of your online presentation such as proper sound and lighting.  Be sure to do some practice tests and check all aspects of good video production.  Work with an event production company with experience in virtual events as well as audio and visual technology.

Technology is key with virtual events, allowing you to incorporate many materials not available with live presentations.  Take advantage of all that virtual event tech has to offer and your audience will be thrilled to participate.  You can even record your event so that you can distribute to your participants in case they want to watch it again.

Panels and Forums

If you have planned an informative Q&A session with industry experts, you can still live stream your online panel.  Consider adding an element such as virtual hand raising or submitting questions in a chat forum.  Your audience will appreciate the ability to ask their questions and also to see all the questions and answers from the audience. 

If you want to maintain connection with your audience or customers, talk to the video production specialists at Production Plus.

Production Plus Can Help You Convert An Onsite Event Into a Virtual Event

Production Plus is an event production company with over 40 years of experience in delivering the fantastic and unexpected.  We know how to grab and hold the attention of your audience, in live or virtual events. Our tech experts are the best in the business, combining experience with the latest event technology, including virtual event tech solutions.

Our event specialists will work with you to help you develop your virtual event marketing strategy aligned with your goals.  We evaluate all IT capabilities including sound and lighting for a flawless presentation.  Our event tech team will help you with engaging videos, animation, graphics and custom developed apps to further audience engagement and lead generation.

Production Plus is here for you, based out of Chicago, for the past 40+ years and now more than ever we can help you to connect with your audience.  Our team provides professional event solutions with decades of experience and utilization of the latest technological advancements.  Contact us to learn more about successfully shifting from a physical event to a virtual event.