Live Streaming A Business Conference

Live Streaming A Business ConferenceMany companies and industry leaders are utilizing technology to stay in touch with their customers and audience through virtual teleconferencing. While online interaction will not take the place of in-person visits for everything, it has provided a solution to many companies when live events are not possible.  If you are thinking about hosting an event in the fall, consider planning to live streaming a business conference now to realize the many benefits of live streaming.

Many Benefits with Live Streaming a Business Conference

Whether you are planning a live streaming or pre-recorded event, you should start planning now to fully understand the possibilities.  Here are some of the many benefits of virtual event productions:

Endless attendees – virtual events provide a means to invite people to attend that could not make it in person.  Streaming conferences removes any geographical barrier and allows for a much bigger audience no matter where they are in the world.  Even if you host a live event, consider incorporating a virtual aspect to include more people.

Conversion rates – virtual events can bring a high conversion rate with attendees having access to more information.  Connecting with your website or a product demo is easy when it is only a click away.

Attendees want an option – not everyone has the luxury to hop on a plane or travel for events they would like to attend.  Offering a virtual option allows for these people to also join who would not be able to make it for a number of reasons including budget constraints.

Streaming and recording – most virtual events have the ability to record and save digitally.  You can record the entire event to have available for those who were not able to attend and for those who want to share it with others.

In order to realize these benefits, you should consult with a virtual event specialist to maximize your attendance, lead generation and conversion rate.  There are many considerations when hosting an event virtually.  In addition to providing interesting and engaging content, other considerations include your IT capabilities, sound, lighting and Wi-Fi connections. 

Consulting with an experienced event production company will give you peace of mind in knowing that your show will go on without any technical glitches.

Production Plus Offers Live and Virtual Event Solutions

Production Plus, Based in Chicago, has been recognized as a leading event production company for over 40 years, with vast experience in planning all aspects of spectacular events.  We have successfully produced events for some of the largest companies in the world in all corners of the globe with comprehensive, start to finish, event solutions.  We partner with you from the beginning to tell your story with creative event solutions.

Our technical team is here for you to ensure that your virtual solution meets all of your event goals.  We will help to analyze your IT requirements and capabilities as well as offer innovative event technology such as augmented reality, lighting, sound and professional video recording.

Production Plus offers full service, comprehensive event solutions as we define, design, deliver and deploy flawless event productions.  Our talented team of artists, engineers, app developers and event specialists partner with you to deliver the fantastic and unexpected.  Contact us with any questions on producing your next live or virtual event.