How To Virtually Stream an Event

types of virtual eventsWhen live events are not an option, many people are wondering how to virtually stream an event.  Many companies have been providing online tutorials and webinars, although a virtual event requires more planning.  Replicating a live event virtually is not easy, but when it is done correctly can attract large audiences, increase your brand identity as well as generate leads and conversion.

You must always keep your goals in mind when planning a virtual event and choose the digital technology tools which convey your message. Creating interesting and compelling content is important to keep your audience tuned in.  Professional videos, graphics and animation grab the attention of your audience, which is important when remote viewers have multiple distractions.

Ideas of How To Virtually Stream an Event

Most people are already accustomed to logging into webinars, so participating in a virtual event is not a big leap for many people. While logging in is the first step, industry leaders have come up with creative ways to increase their audience participation and engagement.  Here are some ideas to successfully virtually stream an event:

Live streaming – your audience will not want to miss out on the opportunities offered with live streaming. 

Pre-recordings – combining pre-recorded videos with live interactions allows for creativity to share captivating video presentations.  Offering your recorded content for download gives your audience the opportunity to watch again on demand and share with others.

Interesting animated content – interesting content is critical to keep the attention of a remote audience.  Consider adding an element of 2D, 3D, virtual or augmented reality to walk your customers through a product demo or how-to demonstration.

Forums and panels – offering a Q&A session with experts in your industry is a good way to increase interest and participation.  People are more apt to speak up and ask questions in an online forum or chat room, as opposed to approaching an expert at a live conference.  Encourage participation with virtual hand raising, public and private chat opportunities.

Provide online offerings – provide incentive for participation with offerings to all who come to your virtual event.  Keep your audience in mind and focus on what they already show an interest in.

If you are wondering how to virtually stream an event that generates a large audience and participation, you should speak with an event production company experienced in virtual technology. 

Production Plus Offers Virtual Event Solutions

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