How to Transform Your Live Event into a Virtual Event

live streamingWith venues closing and cities on lockdown, people everywhere are adapting to work and school closings, social distancing and canceled events. Event planners worldwide are facing some tough decisions wondering what to do with all the planning they’ve put into their event and how to stay in touch with their audience during these unprecedented times. Maintaining communication and spreading positive messages are important for your employees, customers, family and the public.

Production Plus is here to help you get through this and come out better, stronger and with more event planning tools in your arsenal.  We have offered virtual event services for some time now and our event planning professionals can help you to make the transition.  You might even find that you enjoy the opportunities that virtual events offer and continue to use virtual event technology to reach an even larger audience going forward. 

We can help to answer all of your questions and alleviate a lot of the anxiety and questions you have from:

Production Plus Offers Virtual Event Planning and Support

Online events are a smart way to stay in contact with your audience and maintain that human connection.  High tech companies and virtual event trendsetters like Ted Talks know the value of reaching your audience online.  But if you don’t have a big tech company to help you get off the ground, you might be wondering how you even get started transforming your in-person event to a virtual event.   

Here are some talking points that we’ll go over with you to plan the perfect virtual event:

Visualize Your Perfect Virtual Event

Think about what you’d like your event to look like and the level of communication you desire.  Do you need to show product demonstrations?  Do you need for your audience to have the ability to communicate one on one with you?  Do you need your audience to see a virtual walk through of exhibits?  Do you want to include creative content such as augmented reality?

Thinking about these things ahead of time will make it easier to plan the virtual event that meets all your needs.

Consider Your Audience Needs

Just as with a live, in-person event you’ll need to consider your audience needs.  They will still be interested in receiving the same information or presentation they signed up for and will be thrilled to have the opportunity to connect.  Plan to offer the same engaging speakers, product demos, educational classes and networking opportunities they were looking forward to.  Your audience is understanding of the need to adapt,   although they still expect to receive the same valuable information. 

Do an IT Checkup

With an increase in online activity, many shared networks are experiencing overload and slower than usual connectivity.  If you will be broadcasting your virtual event from a home office computer or a remote location, please be aware that IT issues may crop up where they didn’t exist before. 

Consult with the IT experts at Production Plus for a checkup and review of your hardware, software and internet connections before going live with a virtual event.  We also offer the option of pre-recording virtual events to avoid any sudden pitfalls or lost connections. 

Production Plus offers complete virtual event services from helping you get your head wrapped around changing to a virtual platform to planning the specifics.  We evaluate your IT specifications to make sure you don’t experience any pitfalls and can even help to pre-record your event from any location.  Contact us for answers to all your questions and for the virtual event solution that works for you.