How to Get the Most Out of Your Virtual Event

Virtual event streamingEvent planners know they must be flexible and adapt quickly to new challenges, those skills are put the test with recent global events.  We often must adapt for weather changes or last minute cancelations by artists or caterers, but last minute cancelations of live events entirely takes adaptability to a new level.  Learning how to adapt to virtual events are important skills in today’s world and provide a solid contingency plan.

Production Plus is here to help you get the most out of your virtual event with high audience engagement.  With a host of digital options available, you can even see the bright side of hosting online events such as:

  • Cost savings on venues, vendors and travel
  • Open to a larger audience
  • Social media tools and chats unavailable with live events

You can salvage your event by making some alterations to your presentation and experience these benefits.  Here are some considerations to meet and exceed your attendees’ expectations.

Determine the Feasibility of Online Events

Many types of events can be converted into online events, also called virtual events or webinars.  You may be surprised just how many types of event productions can be produced virtually and still provide value to your audience.

  • Live ConcertsYou may think that live performances or concerts need to be in-person, although streaming live performances is a great way to broaden your audience beyond physical boundaries.  People can still experience the wonder of your show and feel like they are part of the action.  Don’t rule out hosting your concert for an online audience, you may be surprised at the level of viewers and feedback you receive.
  • Leadership Forums / Townhall MeetingsLeadership forums and townhall meetings can be transitioned into online forums with some planning and preparation.  Think about recording your keynote speaker address ahead of time and have the same materials available for download that you planned to distribute in person.

Evaluate Your Technology

With so many options for digital connectivity today you may want to speak with a professional about the best online platform to host your event.  You may consider doing a full live streaming event, a pre-recorded event, or a combination of both. 

Event technology today has already expanded into the digital world with many options available such as:

  • Chat features and Q&A polling to maintain networking opportunities
  • Virtual hand raising for audience participation
  • Online registrations, ticketing and promotion codes
  • Event apps with a host of options available to your audience
  • Virtual and augmented reality apps
  • Integration with YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other social media platforms

Make sure your production equipment is up to the tasks at hand.  Speaking with a virtual event planning specialist can help you to conduct a thorough IT evaluation to avoid online pitfalls.  Testing your audio and video ahead of time is a must and be sure to utilize good quality cameras, headsets and internet connections.

Production Plus is here to help you convert live events to virtual events with seamless transition.  We offer IT evaluations and tips to wow your audience with engaging virtual event solutions.  Contact us to learn how to get the most out of your virtual event.

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