How To Engage An Audience in a Virtual Event

Engage an Audience in a Virtual EventIt is important to connect with and engage your audience at any event and is just as important during a virtual event.  Virtual events have provided much needed communication and connection with your colleagues and customers when live events are not possible.  Engaging a remote audience, however, is no easy task and requires some forethought and planning.

Your remote audience is connecting with your event to get something in return, either entertainment, education or information.  Keeping their interest once they have joined your event takes some effort as remote attendees are faced with a mountain of distractions.  Whether it’s the kids at home, notifications of emails or other online interests, it does not take long for remote attendees to lose attention and disengage.

Here are some creative ideas to get your audience to engage during your virtual event:

Teambuilding activities – a virtual scavenger hunt can be just as fun as a physical scavenger hunt, except you never have to leave your house.  Organize a list of items your participants should find and they can share a photo of their find.  You should decide on a theme and the length of your hunt.  If you are looking to bring together a team of people who have never met in person, consider some personal items or photos.  Posting selfies and photos of personal items such as your desk or the view from your window will bring a team together on a personal level.  Here are some more ideas for a team building scavenger hunt that you can play without leaving your desk.

Trivia games – everyone loves a good trivia game especially when it is personalized to your own company or audience.  Talk with an event production company experienced in custom app development to learn more about how you can leverage technology and fun to engage your audience. 

Virtual and augmented reality – A virtual or augmented reality app can nicely complement any virtual streaming event.  There are many interesting ways to incorporate virtual technology such as pop-up trade show booths and customized games. Think about your audience and what is important to them to provide the most interesting content that will engage your audience.

Talk with an experienced event production company for more ideas in how to engage your audience during virtual events. 

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