Tips for Sustainable Event Planning

sustainability in event planningPlanning successful live and corporate events takes a lot of planning as well as a lot of products and materials.  Setting up scenic constructions, tables, chairs, tablecloths, food items, containers, paper flyers, agendas and more provides for an impactful event.  All of these items, however, can have a negative impact on the environment if the proper forethought is not taken for sustainability. 

Events ignite energy in your audience, provoke action with new clients or consumers and of course, we as event planners want everyone to have a good time.  Just be aware of the amount of waste your event produces and what you will do with all that waste after the show.  This must be a forethought and not an afterthought.  Designing your event for sustainability is critical in today’s environment and can go a long way to build trust and respect with your audience.

Positive Community Impact

Thoughtful planning and actions promote a positive impact on the community where you’re hosting your event instead of producing a negative, wasteful impact to the environment.  It is absolutely possible to plan a sustainable event that saves resources as well as budgeted funds, while promoting a positive reputation for your company.

From weddings to corporate training sessions and live festivals, planning for sustainability is important to most attendees and will earn you the recognition you deserve as an environmentally conscious event professional.  Many colleges are promoting this ideology to the younger generation through initiatives and recognitions such as NC State’s Sustainable Event Certification.  

Follow these simple steps to improve your sustainability efforts in all your event planning procedures.

Name a Champion

Put someone in charge of your sustainability efforts to ensure that planning and purchasing decisions work together.  This person can take the lead with purchasing recyclable materials such as compostable plates and provide a composting bin at your event, for example, and avoiding plastic at all costs.

Choose an Event Location

Consider outdoor venues for daytime events as this is typically less expensive and definitely utilizes less energy.  Offering public transportation or assistance to and from bus stops, carpooling and even bike racks is a good way to alleviate the burden of parking as well as promoting a cleaner environment.

Promote Paperless

Consider ditching the paper flyers and agendas for digital announcements instead as nearly every person on the planet now has a phone with email and internet capability. Be sure to avoid using plastic whenever possible and even pass out cloth shopping bags for giveaways or promotional items. These can be used over and over again by attendees when shopping in their home town or for any number of reasons.

All of these tips will promote a sustainable event which benefits your reputation as well as the community.  Be sure to announce your environmentally friendly actions and urge your attendees to follow suit in their daily lives. You can make a difference and event planners have a big opportunity as well as the responsibility to plan for sustainability at every event location.

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