Tips for Setting the Right Mood with Corporate Event Music

playing records for corporate event music

Using the right type of music can make the difference between a so-so event and a spectacular event to remember.  Just as important, playing the wrong type of music that is not suited for your event can leave your audience bored and annoyed.  Music sets the mood for the entire event, can add sophistication to a corporate event gathering and helps to smooth over attendees chatting while mingling. 

Choose the Right Music for Corporate Events

Background music that is subtle and calming is a must for corporate events.  Business meetings, large conferences, quiet awards dinners and even loud tradeshows can all benefit from the ambience that the right music provides.  Music can help event planners create a certain vibe for their event and put all attendees in the right mood. 

Business and corporate events should plan out their music playlist and have something playing during breaks. Even just something like instrumental music works well here to muffle the sound of people leaving their seats, stretching their legs and mingling about.  For classy affairs such as award ceremonies, don’t rule out live music.

Live music does not have to be super loud like at a rock concert.  A piano player, a string quartet or live singers can complement many corporate events nicely, as long as you control the volume.  Your attendees need to be able to hear your message and their own conversations. 

If you need a little help with your music playlist, consult with an experienced event production team for assistance.

Production Plus for Corporate Meeting Music Solutions

Production Plus is an experienced event production company, helping corporate event planners set the right mood and ambience for over 40 years. We collaborate with our clients to select the right music and provide full audiovisual services for perfect delivery. Our experienced team of corporate event professionals will guide you through the process of music selection with the following tips.

1) Determine the Theme and Inspiration for Your Event

We’ll work closely with you to identify the theme and inspiration for your event to choose the best corresponding music selection. Whether you’re looking for something upbeat to keep your audience energized or something more subdued for prestigious award ceremonies, we’ve got you covered.

2)  Match Your Music to the Mood You Want to Convey

Mismatching music with the desired mood is a common problem that can easily be fixed. We’ll help you to use the right type of music whether you’re looking to keep your audience energized and laughing or mellow and subdued.

3)  Find Soundtracks That Have Meaning for You and Your Audience

Music evokes emotions with certain songs that have particular meaning to your company or your audience. This is the perfect opportunity to share this with your attendees so everyone can get in touch with the significant meaning of the song and how it relates to your message. 

Production Plus works closely with our clients to select the best music which sets the right tone and mood for your event.  

Production Plus is an experienced event production company offering comprehensive event planning services from start to finish. We take the burden off of your event planning team and tell your spectacular story with maximum audience engagement. Contact us to learn more about our event planning services and experience in selection and delivery of corporate event music.
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