Spice up Your Corporate Event with Local Flare

corporate event productionLarge corporations care a great deal about how they are perceived by their employees, the public and the communities they participate in. Ordinary corporate event experiences just don’t cut it for those companies who want to provide an extraordinary and memorable experience for their attendees. There are several ways to spice up your corporate event with a local flair to deliver a positive impact on your attendees and the community. 

Event production companies with versatile capabilities to provide many event services, including all logistics management, provide an added value to corporate meeting planners. Working with a company who can provide all corporate event audiovisual services, exhibition design and fabrication, scenic constructions, stage development and more saves your event planning team time and money by working with one company that can do it all. 

Experienced event production companies are also familiar with many different venues and locations and can offer suggestions for unique venues.  Venues which reveal the uniqueness of the host city’s culture, showcase the talent of local artists or provide opportunities for excitement and adrenaline-pumping activities are more inviting to attendees than your run-of-the-mill conference room setting. 

Offering something unique and exciting, which includes learning and participating in a new culture, gives attendees something to look forward to and drastically improves your attendance rate. The experienced event production specialists at Production Plus offer the following suggestions with unique venue options to spice up your next corporate event with some local flare.


Incorporate the Cultural Uniqueness of Your Host City

Choosing a unique city to host your event gives your attendees something to look forward to when considering the time they will spend there.  Cities which offer originality promote interest and intrigue over someplace potential attendees may have just recently visited.  If hosting a corporate event in a large city where many people may already be familiar with the area, try to select a venue which showcases the cultural uniqueness of the area and may be a place your audience has always wanted to see.

For example, Denver is a big city which hosts countless corporate events annually. Make your next corporate event in Denver stand out from the crowd with a unique venue such as the Mile-High Station.  The Mile-High Station is one of the most unique venues in downtown Denver with an amazing view, eclectic furnishings and a centric bar for an engaging cocktail hour. Ample parking is an attractive quality and in-house TVs promote interactive audiovisual capabilities.


Appeal to the Local Art Scene

Hosting your event in an area which allows your attendees to connect with local artisans gives your audience a chance to connect with local people, to learn and appreciate a different type of culture. It also gives them opportunities to purchase unique souvenirs for friends and family as opposed to magnets and postcards from an airport shop. Connecting with the local art scene is also a good way to promote your corporate message and brand, and to let the locals know that you appreciate visiting their fine city.

The Bomb Factory is one unique event venue in Dallas in the heart of the city’s edgy art district of Deep Ellum,  centered on rich music culture. The Bomb Factory was an original manufacturing facility for the Ford automobile and then converted during World War II to an ammunition and bomb facility.  This unique venue offers versatility for various live and corporate events featuring VIP suites, artist amenities such as Star dressing rooms, state-of-the-art sound, and lighting to meet all your audiovisual needs and obstruction-free seating.


Adrenaline Pumping Opportunities for Excitement

Consider your audience when selecting the host city and venue for your next big corporate event. A younger crowd may be looking for some excitement beyond art and cultural experiences with some activities that get the adrenaline pumping. Chicago is a beautiful city with something to offer everyone including art, museums, a deep cultural and architectural history and plenty of nightlife for after-hour activities.

One unique event venue in Chicago is OFFSITE, located in the city’s West Loop which offers a divided space between the main room and a mezzanine for plenty of possibilities to customize seating. OFFSITE originally launched in New York City and recently expanded to Chicago, offering individual charm for many types of corporate meetings and training sessions. 

Choose from a wide variety of activities to participate in as a group or advertise some options for the adrenaline junkie such as rock climbing during the day (what builds trust more than holding your coworker suspended in the air) and choose from plenty of exciting nightlife options whether your audience enjoys blues, jazz or hip-hop.


Full-Service Event Solutions Including Venue Selection and Rebranding

Production Plus is your one-stop event solutions partner providing comprehensive, professional corporate and live event services. We offer more than 40 years of experience producing awesome and memorable events worldwide. We assist clients with venue selection along with digital event rendering designed to scale and customized to your venue.  Our talented artists and engineers provide complete rebranding with scenic constructions and exhibition design solutions.

Production Plus combines decades of experience, vast resources, and an immensely talented team to provide high-tech event solutions.  We go above and beyond ordinary event planning to provide an extraordinary and memorable experience.  Contact us to learn how to spice up your next corporate event with excitement and unique, local flare.

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