What Kind of Stage Design Do You Need for Your Live Event?

live event stage in Las vegas

Setting the stage for your live event has one major goal in mind, to create an environment which emphasizes and enhances the very important message of your presentation.  There are many factors that contribute to determining your event stage design needs.

The initial considerations include:

  • The size of the stage and venue
  • The size of your audience
  • The overall event budget
  • The look and feel of your event
  • Event staging priorities

Designing the stage in line with these considerations is crucial for your audience to perceive your message as intended. The size of the venue, the stage and your audience are all important to make sure everyone can see and hear the message. Your budget will determine any limitations with set design, although an experienced event production company will offer ideas to highlight your corporate or live event priorities

Highlight Event Priorities

Determine what your event priorities are such as highlighting a speaker at a podium, a video on a large screen or setting a mood with an ambience that supports your message and your brand.  Whatever your priorities are, you’ll need the right lighting, color tones and branded signs or displays.

Consider Your Audience and Speakers

Every stage should be designed around effectively delivering your message and telling your story, although it is important to know your audience to determine the most appropriate method of delivery. You may want to really “wow” your audience with attention-getting lights and displays, or they may react better to a more subdued and understated presentation

Your presenters also deserve the same consideration in order to feel comfortable delivering their message.  Creating an environment where guest speakers have plenty of elbow room and all necessary equipment such as easy access to a computer or presentation equipment is important. Be sure to make accommodations for all required equipment such as laser pointers, audio monitors and even confidence monitors for the speaker can see their presentation if desired. You also need a nice inconspicuous spot for some water bottles, clean next and any other necessary personal items.

Production Plus Excels with Live Event Stage Design

Production Plus offers decades of experience in live event staging and set design which complements both your speaker and your audience.  Our event planners have a keen eye and sense of design and work closely with our experienced audiovisual technicians to design the right stage to enhance your message. We offer skilled scenic construction artists to create beautiful artistic displays to emphasize your event staging priorities.

Production Plus acts as an extension of your marketing and event planning team, working with you to emphasize your message through event staging design.  We are your one-stop event production house offering comprehensive event services. Contact us for all your event production needs including live event staging design which captivates and engages your audience.


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