Scenic Design Elements to Enhance Live Events

lighting rigs for scenic designCreative scenic design elements include many working parts which must be seamlessly incorporated together to meet the purpose and the theme of any event.  Many types of elements such as lighting, sound, stationary or moving design pieces can be combined to enhance any presentation.  Seamless integration of all design elements is key to spectacular scenic constructions.

Lighting Solutions with Scenic Design

The right lighting sets the ambiance and mood for the entire event from basic white lights to very sophisticated lighting for a dramatic effect.  Lighting may be cast in different levels of brightness, shades and colors to emphasize scenic constructions and custom designed stage elements.  Lighting may be cast to match company logos and colors, to light up stages and platforms or to hang like curtains in a backdrop.

Experienced audiovisual professionals will suggest the right mix of lighting solutions to perfectly complement scenic constructions and a beautifully illuminated stage.

Audio Design Elements with Custom Scenery

Audio solutions are just as important as casting the right lighting.  You won’t connect with your audience at all if they cannot hear your message. Different audio and visual design are necessary for indoor or outdoor projects, taking into account background noise and noise generated from moving elements or fluid elements such as water.

Audiovisual specialists combine lighting and sound solutions that set the stage to tell your story with advanced technology and innovative ideas.

Stationary and Moving Scenic Elements

Experienced event staging designers know how to combine stationary and moving scenic elements to captivate your audience with engaging scenery.  The options are endless for a talented artist to combine varying materials, colors, shapes and animation.

Experienced event production specialists combine lighting, audio and custom scenery that blend together to engage your audience and tell your story. 

Production Plus Combines It All 

Production Plus is your one-stop event production company, offering advanced audiovisual solutions and event staging with spectacular scenic design.  We combine a uniquely talented team of dreamers, creators and innovators who love to tell your story. We produce engaging and transformative experiences for your audience with seamless integration of comprehensive event services including:

  • Audiovisual services
  • Event staging
  • Scenic construction
  • Exhibition design
  • Exhibit fabrication
  • Custom app development
  • Virtual and augmented reality apps
  • Digital event rendering
  • Rental equipment
  • Logistics management

Production Plus offers these many event production services and more. We partner with you from the beginning to bring your vision to life through creative and innovative storytelling.

Production Plus has over 40 years of experience producing live and corporate events for some of the largest companies in the world.  We have told spectacular stories across the U.S., North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean.  Contact us to learn how we can transform your event experience with innovative scenic construction design elements.

Contact us today to learn more about our Scenic Design services.