Interesting Scenic Construction Design Elements

visual scenic design elementDesigning eye catching scenic construction exhibits and displays requires an integration of many components.  Bringing together various scenic construction design elements such as sound, lighting and automation will add interest to the entire event.  Experienced scenic construction companies know that their designs are the backdrop for the entertainment and done correctly, can grab hold of and keep your audience’s attention.

Scenic Constructions with Audio Effects

Make sure that your audience can hear your presentation while enjoying the beautiful scenery.  Scenic constructions may hold audio equipment or project music.  If automation is incorporated, be sure to take into account any level of noise emitted from automated movements and plan your audio solution accordingly.  Consulting with audio visual experts will provide the best solution when combining audio with automation for the right effects.

Add Lighting to Your Scenic Constructions

The right lighting sets the mood and ambience for the entire event, from basic lighting to complex and ornate illumination. Incorporating lighting into your scenery can be done in several different ways such as:

  • Custom designed stages
  • Highlighting featured speakers
  • Casting varying levels of brightness
  • Including shades and different colors for effect

Basic white lighting on a bare stage provides a clean, crisp modern look, or custom colors may be cast to align with your company logos.  Custom designed constructions such as stairs or cubes may be illuminated, or lighted curtains can set an elegant stage. Working with an experienced audiovisual company will provide you with guidance and direction to set the right mood and ambiance. 

Automation in Scenic Constructions

Combining automation into scenic constructions can provide an interesting experience for your audience, just be sure it adds to your presentation rather than distract from it. Skilled artists and engineers work together to integrate constructions with automation for optimum visual and audio effect.

Production Plus for Experienced Scenic Construction Design

Production Plus is recognized as an industry-leading event production company with over 40 years of experience.  We partner with our clients to learn their needs and provide custom-designed event services which captivate your audience.  Our full-service event solutions include:

  • Audio visual services
  • Scenic construction
  • Event rendering
  • Event staging
  • Exhibit fabrication
  • Exhibition design
  • Event rental equipment
  • All logistics

We employ the most skilled artists and engineers available with vast expertise in integrating all elements of scenic construction design.  We handle all logistics including event rental equipment and making sure that all elements for scenic constructions are on site when needed.  Our event management doesn’t end when the show is over, we also disassemble and return all rented equipment and meet with clients post event for budget review.

Production Plus is your one stop event solutions partner.  We are experienced in all aspects of live and corporate event productions with successful events across the United States and nearly every continent.  Contact us to learn more about our event solutions including innovative, custom designed scenic constructions. 

Contact us today to learn more about our scenic construction services.