Full-Service Scenic Construction from Concept to Reality

Full-Service Scenic Construction from Concept to Reality
Designing an amazing set is a detailed process to take your vision from concept to reality. This full-service scenic construction includes a thorough discussion with the client regarding concept, intent, design, detailed blueprints or digital renders, the budget and the schedule. This research gives a professional scenic construction company a necessary understanding of the client’s wishes and goals.
Following a detailed planning process ensures that your customer’s goals will be met with nothing left to chance. Scenic construction aligned with a client’s purpose must include:

  • Pre-design stage with preliminary research
  • Digital event rendering and conceptual design
  • Final design
  • Final drawings

Pre-Design Scenic Construction Stage

Pre-design preliminary research includes learning your clients intention and goals along with discussing their service or product. This helps the scenic construction artists to develop a deep understanding of how to best tell a story aimed at the target audience.

Digital Event Rendering

With a clear understanding of client goals and intentions, digital event renders may be developed from CAD drawings based on the actual venue. This gives the client an opportunity “walk through” their event to see all scenic designs and staging equipment to scale. This conceptual design shows the client and event production specialists exactly where everything will fit on and off the stage.

Final Design

The final design is developed based on feedback to the conceptual design with necessary adjustments. The final design should include additional detail with the realistic look of the stage, displays and equipment.

Final Drawings

Skilled scenic construction artists develop larger-than-life designs and displays from final drawings and detailed blueprints. This is the fun part for a skilled artist where they let their creativity and expertise in craftsmanship shine.

Production Plus Offers Full Service Scenic Construction

Production Plus is an event production company offering full-service scenic construction services to take your vision from concept to reality. We employ highly skilled scenic design artists, craftsmen and master makers of artistic constructions. We partner with each and every client to understand your concept and goals to design amazing scenic constructions which captivate your audience.
Production Plus is a leading scenic construction company offering comprehensive event services as your one stop event solutions partner. We have over 40 years of experience developing sets and stages worldwide. We partner with you to deliver your spectacular story through experienced event services including audio visual, exhibition design and scenic construction from concept to reality.