4 Creative Conference Stage Ideas

Conference Stage Ideas

Live conferences are a great way for companies to connect with their audience, introduce new products and increase brand awareness. Designing a stage that connects with all attendees, provides appealing aesthetics and comfort to all presenters does not have to be intimidating. Here are some creative conference stage ideas that can meet all your goals even on a tight budget.

Incorporate Colors, Texture and Shapes

Colors, textures and shapes can define the environment for your conference and shape the mood of your entire audience. There are endless combinations of elements to create certain emotions and direct the focus to particular areas of the stage.  You can use bold primary colors for an uplifting and cheery conference stage or modern white block style décor for crisp, clean look.  

If your company supports eco-friendly, sustainable practices, consider incorporating Earth tones such as greens and browns and using recyclable material.  This will help to relay your message of environmental consciousness while supporting your cause. Avoid unnecessary clutter such as concealing any power cables and cords to podiums, water bottles and presentation material to not distract the audience from your important message.

Consider Modular Staging

Modular staging provides a solution for some venues that do not offer the stage options you desire.  Portable and adjustable stages can be easily assembled and customized to suit your needs. Rental decks can be dressed with colored fabric, carpeting and even outfitted with furniture to provide confidence and comfort to conference speakers.

Lighting, Sound and Video

Lighting and sound can set the ambience of a conference stage from exciting and upbeat to professional or subdued.  Working with a skilled audiovisual company will provide many options with professional and creative lighting solutions and reliable audio to engage your entire audience.  Large screens, projectors, video and live video conferencing can be combined with spotlighting stage areas to direct the focus of your audience. 

Using projection provides a unique opportunity to be as creative as you like and all you need is a flat surface. Simple PowerPoint presentations can project to a stage backdrop, projecting various colors, shapes and logos to add many visual elements to a conference stage.

Production Plus Offers Creative Conference Stage Ideas

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