Proven Live Event Production Solutions

corporate live event production in Las VegasThere is no room for error when producing live events. Small and large corporations alike put a lot of time and effort into managing their brand and maintaining their corporate culture. Live corporate events such as product launches or internal meetings and training sessions must maintain that same brand image you worked so hard to create and the corporate culture employees and consumers have come to expect.

Any live event, whether a corporate meeting, political rally or a sporting event requires flawless execution of all event elements. Don’t put your reputation on the line when the whole world is watching. Work with a live event production company with a proven track record and proven solutions for delivering the fantastic and unexpected.

Production Plus Offers Proven Event Solutions

Production Plus is recognized as a leading event production company specializing in corporate and live event solutions. Our team of dedicated artists, engineers, dreamers, creators, and innovators work together to design and produce spectacular events which captivate your audience. You can have confidence in our more than 40 years of experience and satisfied customer list including some of the largest companies in the world.
Our live event production solutions include:

  • Floor plans, surveys, and CAD drawings
  • Event design and digital animated rendering
  • Technical infrastructure including event IT network setup
  • Venue selection and rebranding
  • All audio-visual services
  • Scenic construction and rigging services
  • Event staging
  • Exhibition design
  • All logistics management including personnel, materials, and equipment
  • Event equipment and material rental solutions
  • Digital recording, webcasts, live broadcasts, and video production
  • Custom app development
  • Virtual and augmented reality app development

Production Plus offers these proven event solutions and many more, partnering with you from the beginning. We love to tell your spectacular story and maintain your brand image and culture through creative artistry and meticulous planning. We have produced amazing events when the whole world is watching such as for the Olympic Games, CNN political events, NFL kickoff celebrations and more.

Production Plus offers more than 40 years of experience in producing spectacular storytelling and amazing live event productions. We provide the most talented team dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Contact us to learn more about our proven live event solutions delivered with creativity and innovation.

Contact us today to learn more about our event production services.