Promote An Event on Social Media with Memes

promote an event on social mediaEvent planners must stay up to date with technology and that includes the one way people communicate now more than any other method – through social media.  This is why having good social media backing is critical to engage with your audience and potential attendees. A video meme is a video that is properly formatted for all social media platforms that will play without any issues perfect to promote an event on social media.   

It takes a little more forethought than just posting a video, however, if you want to grab the attention of your audience as they are quick scrolling through their social media feed.  A properly optimized video meme will grab the attention of your target audience, making them take the time to stop and watch.

How Do I Optimize a Video Meme?

Simply uploading a video to YouTube or Facebook and posting it just doesn’t cut it anymore if you want to achieve high engagement and drive people to your event.  Here are a few tips to get the most of your social media with video memes that work.

Extra Extra – Watch All About it!

A big headline is a must with your video meme.  Headlines get the attention of your audience and cause them to stop, watch and listen (or just watch, we’ll talk about captions later). You have a very limited window here to get the attention of an avid scroller, so make your headline count.  It’s proven that when you ask a question, the same question your audience has, they’ll stop and pay attention as they realize that this video might give them the answers they’ve been looking for.

People also love numbers, so when you say you’ve got the 5 or 7 most important tips to share with them on something they’re interested in, they might stop and give you a minute to hear you out.  Psychology shows that people love odd numbers, so when given a choice, use what’s been proven to work.

Get Emotional

Emotion is what makes people act. Provoking emotion leads to someone taking action in the form of clicking, liking, sharing, buying or signing up for something.  Make sure you provoke emotion with your video to foster engagement.

Captions are Your Friend

Do you know that the majority of people that stop and give enough attention to video memes do so in silent mode, by watching the captions rather than actually listening to the video?  This is true in all social media platforms as people may want to be discreet about what they’re watching so they watch with the audio off.  In fact, at least 85% of Facebook users watch videos without sound, that may seem like a staggering number and is all the more reason to include captions. Providing captions with your memes is critical to increasing engagement.

Progress Bar

How many times do you start a video and wonder just how long it will last?  You want to know if this a 2-minute video or a 10-minute video.  A progress bar is important to keep your engagement going and puts control in the hands of the user, allowing them to decide if they’re willing to invest the time in finishing your video.  

Size Matters

This is where it gets a little tricky in creating the perfectly sized video for your platform.  Some platforms like Facebook prefer the standard square aspect ratio, although Instagram is now giving priority to users who also post to IGTV, which requires a vertical size setting.  IGTV is the standalone video app from Instagram which allows for longer videos compared to what’s allowed on Instagram.  IGTV video memes should be formatted in vertical ratio so that it takes up the whole screen of your smartphone when watching. 

The ratio will crop back to square on Instagram, so be sure to prepare with enough room in your Heading and the bottom portion so nothing gets cut out. You can still post the standard, landscape video to YouTube, although don’t forget to optimize with headings and captions to get the most out of your video.

Stagger for Swagger

Stagger your content across all social media platforms rather than post the same video to all platforms at once.  This provides significantly more opportunities to keep your message in front of your audience.  Someone might not see the video you posted on Facebook if they weren’t active that day, but they might catch it later on LinkedIn or Twitter.  Even if they saw it the first time, a friendly reminder can prompt action by keeping your name and brand front and center.

Include a Call to Action!

Don’t forget the most important part, the whole reason for your message in the first place – a call to action.  A call to action (CTA) strategically placed throughout or at the end of your video is critical .  You want to make it easy for someone to register for your event with a click, a call or completing a form.

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