One-Stop Event Production Solution

laser audio visual effects as Event Production SolutionsEvent production companies which offer multiple services provide the greatest value with one-stop event solution. One company providing all event services such as audiovisual, exhibits, scenic constructions, digital solutions and more allows companies to reduce their vendor base and save time without the need to coordinate multiple suppliers.

Working with an experienced event production company that offers comprehensive services, manages all logistics and has a proven track record for producing amazing, spectacular events makes life a lot easier and alleviates burden from your marketing team.

Production Plus is Your One-Stop Event Production Solution

Production Plus is an experienced event production company offering comprehensive, one-stop solutions. We partner with you from the beginning, acting as an extension of your marketing team to save you time and money. Our comprehensive services start with a cup of coffee and a plan where we work together to define, design, deliver and deploy spectacular and successful events.

We have produced amazing events for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world across the United States and on nearly every continent. We employ the most skilled designers, artists and engineers to deliver high tech, innovative event solutions which captivate your audience. We offer comprehensive event services in addition to handling all logistics and rental equipment.

Our proven event production solutions include:

  • Audio Visual Services – we employ highly skilled audio visual technicians with experience in providing an atmosphere that engages your audience.
  • Scenic Construction – our skilled artists bring your vision to life with amazing scenery, animation, working structures, innovation and technology. We employ the most skilled craftsmen in their trade with experience in woodworking, metalworking, artistry and engineering.
  • Exhibit Fabrication – we fabricate exceptional exhibits for everything from tradeshow booths to the entire exhibition floor.
  • Exhibition Design – skilled artists and engineers experienced in spatial planning, typography, image manipulation and working structures deliver your narrative with creative exhibition designs.
  • Event Staging – we pull it all together to develop one amazing staging solution incorporating audio visual, scenic constructions, exhibits and more.
  • App Development – our app developers live for tech, offering custom app solutions, virtual and augmented reality experiences. We blend code with technology to provide interactive apps which enhance your brand awareness and audience engagement.

Production Plus employs creative, innovative and high-tech event solutions to tell your story like never before.  We manage all logistics including all event rental equipment and post event services. 

Production Plus has over 40 years of experience, vast resources and the most skilled artists and engineers in the industry. We are dreamers, creators and innovators who love to tell your story.  Contact us to learn how you can save time and money and have peace of mind with comprehensive, one-stop event production services.

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