Low-Cost Ways to Provide a High-Touch Experience

live event production for CNNEvent planners are constantly looking for ways to provide a high-touch, engaging experience for attendees without breaking the bank.  It is extremely important to set your event budget early on as without some framework and limits, it would be easy to go overboard.  An experienced event production company like Production Plus loves to jump in and work with clients on brainstorming ideas for low cost ways to provide a high touch experience.

We know how stressful it can be to meet your event goals while staying on budget. This is why we partner with you from the beginning to learn your story and think of creative and innovative ways to tell it while meeting your budget goals. Our event production specialists are masters at providing cost-saving solutions for everything from theme development, decorating and catering to post event services. We stand by your side from start to finish and even sit down with you afterwards for a cup of coffee and budget reconciliation.

Here are a few tips to produce an engaging and memorable event with cost-saving solutions.

Develop a Customized Theme

Developing a customized theme does not add more costs to your event, on the contrary, working with a theme can actually narrow your choices for decorating and catering.  Working with a theme allows you incorporate your message into every event element. This provides a more cohesive and enjoyable guest experience while maintaining control over expenses.

No Need to over Decorate

Working with a theme allows you to avoid decoration overload as every event element can become décor.  While being mindful of satisfying all five senses of your guests, sticking with your theme allows you to get creative with food and entertainment to boost audience engagement. Consider incorporating your brand colors with food choices, table coverings and inexpensive backdrops.

Keep Your Catering Costs Down

The last thing you want is for your guests to be distracted or irritable because they are hungry or thirsty. Providing adequate food and drink is key to a positive guest experience. There are some creative ways to stretch your catering budget, however, which keep your guests happy and your expenses in control. Choosing an inexpensive menu such as a taco or pasta bar provides the fuel your attendees need for a long day and gives them a chance to interact with one another while making their meal.

Consider Unconventional Venues

If you’re looking for a venue outside of your home town, you may not be aware of some of the unconventional, less expensive venue options. Choosing a unique venue which incorporates some local flare by appealing to the culture of your host city will keep your guests engaged. A beautiful view or a unique art scene is a lot more exciting than a boring conference room in a big chain hotel. 

Production Plus is experienced in producing engaging corporate and live events in all U.S. states and nearly every continent. We provide added value by knowing where to find the venues which are off the beaten path and showcase the uniqueness of your host city.

Production Plus is your one-stop for event production solutions, partnering with you from the beginning for budget development and assisting with all décor, catering and even unique venue selection. We provide creative and innovative event solutions which tell your spectacular story through customized themes and all event services. Contact us to speak with an event specialist about more low-cost ideas to provide a high touch event experience.

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