Lose the Binder – Run Your Entire Event Via Tablet

tabletsEvent tech has come a long way in recent years and that also applies to the binders and big bulky laptops event professionals are seen lugging around at shows.  If you haven’t yet experienced the freedom a tablet provides, it’s worthwhile to learn the many advantages realized with portability.  You may think that you’re a handwritten notes kind of planner and find it hard to ditch the binder, but once you do it’s truly an eye-opening experience. 

Read on to learn the many benefits of tablets and two-in-ones for the event professional.

Multiple Event Management

Most of the time, we’re working on the next event while on-site at a current show.  The ability to grab your iPad or Surface Pro to check on the logistics of your current show while catching up on emails and planning points for your next event, without carrying a ten-pound weight or messy papers around is huge. Just grab your tablet and access all of it on the fly.  We’re often out of town in a hotel room, lobby or finally getting a snack in the hotel bar, pulling out your tablet to catch up is a lot easier than setting up your laptop in a crowded bar area.

Designing Site Visits

Many times the venue maps don’t lay it all out exactly as we envision our stage or exhibition design.  A tablet provides the ability to draw on top of your plans while you’re walking around.  This is a huge time-saver as you don’t have to draw notes and then compare to the maps later, it’s all right there in front of you, in the moment.

Chicken Scratch to Text

For those of us that were utterly reliant upon our many sticky notes with chicken scratch, that we had to ultimately re-type and organize into text, the tablet is a modern phenomenon.  The ability to convert handwritten notes to legible typed text on the fly, well that’s a huge time-saver in itself.

Lighten the Load

Planning and coordinating large corporate events or stunning live shows is a dynamic experience, always changing and refining up until the big day.  Paper notes just don’t cut it when you have to constantly update and refine plans.  Why not stop wasting the paper and enjoy the freedom of dynamic shared files where you can easily collaborate with your team and everyone sees the changes immediately?  This freedom brings great relief to those that are constantly running back to their laptop or carrying around a large computer bag.  Lighten the load with a tablet or two-in-one and instantly feel the weight off your shoulders.

Many event planners are now using this portability and find that it’s easier than ever to run the entire show from a tablet. 

Production Plus Provides Event Planning Solutions

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