Live Events & Cyber Attacks

live event cyber attacksEvent professionals have plenty to worry about with planning and coordinating all aspects of producing informative, engaging and successful events.  Don’t forget that live event cyber attack security are important as you plan the details and create custom event apps, email campaigns and registration log in pages.  Collecting your attendees’ information such as name, address, phone and email is all important for your event planning but be sure to treat this information as privileged and deserving of strict protection as your attendee will definitely consider it so.

What a nightmare it would be to have to announce to everyone that logged into your registration site that it’s been hacked and their personal or company data is at risk.  This creates more than a PR nightmare for you, it also opens the door to liability and risks your own company data.  A well thought out cyber security plan is crucial for any event planner to protect against simple breaches and high scale system attacks.

1) Create a Data Security Strategy

Identify any potential risks of data security to answer the question as to whether or not your event is at risk.  Make sure that your event is secure, that you’ve evaluated any potential vulnerabilities and that you have a plan in place in case of a cyber-attack.

2) Understand Current and Future Risks

The first step in developing the right protection is to understand your risks, present and future.  Many companies rely upon cloud storage now for sensitive data, this demands strict procedures to ensure the safety of your own company information as well as all the personal and company information of your event registrants. 

3)  Three-Step Response to Cyber Security

It is necessary to control a potential live event cyber attack before, during and after it occurs.  There is a 3-step approach to prevent cyber security issues:


  • Understand the basic principles of computer security, including firewalls, two-step authentication and password requirements
  • Protect data with antivirus software, encrypted data and secure connections
  • Ensure safety where all device are located by blocking spyware equipment and keeping guests computers, tablets and smartphones safe


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