Innovative Event Production Trends in 2019

event production trends- think big
Professional event production companies must pay close attention to the latest trends and advancements in technology to connect with the modern audience today. Successful event productions incorporate all that technology has to offer to grab and hold the attention of your audience. It is not enough, however, to connect with your audience during a live production. Transforming the thoughts and actions of your audience after the show requires innovative event production solutions.
Here are some of the most important event production trends in 2019:

1) Provide a Transformative Experience

Telling your story so that your audience hears your message and understands your purpose requires innovation and creativity. Innovative event solutions with advanced audiovisual effects, extraordinary event logistics and spectacular scenic design combined with creative storytelling are all necessary to win over any audience today. Transforming your audience to align with your goals and purpose should be the goal of any live or corporate event.

2) Increase Passive Engagement

Increasing your audience’s engagement with little effort on their part is important with the hectic lives we live. Providing access to online resources and custom designed apps is a great way to give your attendees control of the information they receive and how they access it. Convenience and instant access is critical for transformation and ongoing engagement.

3) Incorporate Innovative Technology

RFID scanners and smart badges provide many benefits in addition to convenience. Streamlining registration and check-in tasks is important to eliminate any frustration with long lines and is a great way to gather specific information about your attendees. This allows for customized follow-up and offerings specific to the preferences of your audience.

4) Deliver Active Engagement Activities

Active engagement alerts all the senses, improving memory and retention especially when related to a fun activity. Virtual reality activities and augmented reality apps are oftentimes, the most fun and memorable experiences. Incorporating these altered reality technologies with fun activities gives your event a distinct advantage in transforming the thoughts and actions of your audience.

Production Plus Incorporates Innovative Event Production Trends

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