How to Use Social Media for an Event

using social media for an event

Social media is proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools, especially for event marketing and promotion. Using social media for an event includes a multilayered and complex process, although when used correctly is indispensable for engaging attendees.  Social media isn’t just for marketing and promoting your event, it should be used to its fullest potential before, during and after your event to provide strong attendee engagement and long-term connections. 

Social media offers many benefits, although with so many different options it is important to know how to use it.

Social Media before Your Event

The marketing phase of your event production should focus on driving event awareness and registrations.  There are several ways that you can do this such as starting with a new webpage for your event. It takes more than creating a new page, driving traffic to this page is key to get your message out.

Integrate your new event webpage with your web profile and those of your employees to increase the outreach on your site and social media platforms. Include all necessary information such as the date, the location and any big reveals to pique the curiosity of your attendees.  Be sure to include information on how to register and obtain tickets and make it easy to accomplish. 

Social Media during Your Event

Your social media campaign should continue even after you get your attendees to your show. This provides an opportunity to improve your brand recognition and make your name a buzzword on social media.  Get your #hashtag going and make sure everyone knows what it is with hourly announcements, and visible reminders. Encourage attendees by creating some contests with your hashtag to get more people to use it.

Start a Twitter thread where people can talk and interact about their experience. You may be surprised at the level of engagement you will see and the brand awareness that this can create. 

Social Media after Your Event

Social media should be used as a long-term marketing plan to nurture new contacts and keep existing contacts engaged. Repeated communication provides a lasting impact to all attendees and even those that missed out. Recapping the fun, the glitz and glam, education or service provided will keep your event front and center in your attendees minds and gear up your audience for your next big event. 

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