Growing Trends in Trade Show Tech

trade show techTechnology evolves at a rapid pace and trade show tech is no different.  Trade show technicians may be reluctant to adopt every emerging trend, although innovations such as marketing software and badge scanners proved worthwhile and are now commonplace.  So how do you know what to follow and what may just be a fad?

The following growing trends grab the attention of event professionals and trade show techs as something of particular interest to pay attention to.

1)  Facial Recognition Software

While once considered ultra-high tech and a thing used at high security government facilities, facial recognition is becoming commonplace for many consumers.  Many people are already using facial recognition to log into their smartphones and social media platforms.  This type of technology is proving beneficial at large events as well, to provide added security, demographic data and to speed up registrations. Look for this technology to continue gaining popularity in many arenas including trade shows.

2) LED Lighting

While LED lighting is commonly found around the world and may seem like low-tech to some, LED lighting provides many opportunities beyond illumination. LEDs are used in projection mapping to create three dimensional displays with the flexibility to easily change your displays from one show to the next. LED lighting is efficient and may be combined with motors and kinetic lighting displays for accurate and beautiful lighting in still and moving displays.  Look for LED lighting technology to continue as an emerging trend in trade show tech.

3) Machine Learning

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence revolutionizing many industries by analyzing real-world, changing data to make machines “smarter” and produce predictive assessments.  Machine learning is emerging technology already utilized in many fields such as agriculture, pharmaceutical and patient health.  Machine learning provides value to trade show techs and event professionals by analyzing audience information, website analytics and social media platforms to better target your audience and prospects.

Production Plus Blends Experience with Emerging Tech

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Production Plus has experience producing successful live and corporate events for some of the biggest names around the world.  We offer comprehensive event solutions from start to finish including all logistics and event rental equipment.  Contact us for the latest in trade show technology to enhance your exhibitions for success.