Take a Stroll through Your Event Preshow with Digital Event Rendering

digital rendering
Digital event rendering allows you to take a stroll through your event before setting up one single stage or props. Designing your event digitally, scaled to your chosen venue, is an extremely valuable planning tool and part of a successful event planning process. Detailed digital rendering allows you to visualize the stage, exhibits, scenic constructions and locations of audiovisual equipment to avoid costly mistakes.
3-D event renders allow you to meet your objectives with a well thought out roadmap for perfect execution of all event elements. The ability to see specific locations of all materials, personnel and event rental equipment will prevent last-minute surprises and help you to meet your budget goals and deadlines. Event renders are also valuable in promoting your idea to move forward with your plans by gaining approval when necessary.

Production Plus Offers Digital Event Rendering

Production Plus is your one-stop solution for any corporate and live event, offering comprehensive event services including digital solutions. We partner with you from the beginning to plan and design the most creative event production which portrays your message and promotes your brand. We work with you on budget goals and partner with you to tell your spectacular story through creative and innovative event solutions.

Our digital event renders provide realistic visualizations your event down to every last detail. Our amazing design team lives for tech, and loves to tell your story through innovative solutions meticulous planning. We pay attention to the smallest details and plan out exact locations of each element for a virtual stroll through your event during the planning stage.

We also provide 3-D modeling, 3-D gaming, animation, custom development including virtual and augmented reality apps. Our app developers utilize the latest technology to provide immersive experiences which are often the highlight of the show. Our fresh and innovative ideas complement our experience and skill as we deliver creative event solutions for all types of corporate provide events.

Production Plus has more than 40 years of experience producing awesome events across the United States and around the world. We coordinate all logistics of material, personnel and rental equipment but there in the next town, the next state or another continent. Contact us to learn how our digital event renders help us to produce your event with purpose and insight for flawless execution of amazing event solutions.

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