Spectacular Corporate Event and Trade Show Ideas

next gen corporate event chicagoTrade shows are a popular and effective platform for companies to showcase their products and services to a live audience. Whether your audience is 100 or 100,000, introducing the right elements with interesting trade show ideas is the key to reaching your target audience and improving your brand awareness. Make your booth stand out from the crowd with creative elements developed by experienced live event production specialists.

Production Plus offers proven trade show ideas and techniques with over 40 years of experience in all aspects of live event productions.  We think “outside the box” when designing the right stage for your display with attractive lighting, spectacular audio and visual services and scenic constructions which increase interest and engagement in your trade show space.

Here are some interesting ideas to implement into your corporate trade show booth to get the attention of your audience for a memorable and successful event.

1) Aerial Displays

Grab the attention of your audience from across the room by taking your trade show booth up and away with an outstanding aerial display. Production Plus is masterful with storytelling in atmosphere, designing scenic constructions which engage your audience and enhance your brand awareness.  Make sure that your booth is the destination spot for all tradeshow attendees with scenic constructions and displays that draw the crowd.

2)  Add Dimension

Limited on square footage space?  That does not have to limit your imagination.  Multilevel construction is a popular trade show idea to add interest and dimension to your exhibit.  Using various types of platforms and rigging solutions to highlight multiple areas such as a red carpet area, a VIP section and a product display section draws attendees to your interesting trade show booth. Implementing effective audio and visual effects ensures that your audience will clearly understand your message and be drawn to your display.

Be sure to have consideration to include all attendees by using ramps or inclines instead of stairs for areas of access in multilevel construction. 

3)  Appealing Ambiance

Setting the stage with an appealing ambience is a popular trade show idea which will attract visitors to your booth. Whether you’re looking for crisp, clear LED lighting to shine a spotlight on products or a laser beam light show, Production Plus is experienced in setting the right ambience to attract your crowd.  We employ the most qualified audio and visual technicians with experience in sophisticated lighting displays to improve audience engagement.

4)  Include Interesting Activities

Giving your audience something fun to do is another fantastic trade show idea which will improve visitors and engagement.  Offering promotional giveaways, sweepstakes attendees can participate and, free products, services and free food is always a great way to attract visitors to your booth.  Make sure everyone knows what you have to offer with large format printed signs and scenic constructions to announce your activities (the long line at your booth will also be a dead giveaway that your space is the place to be)

5)  Virtual or Augmented Reality

Along with interesting activities, including virtual or augmented reality apps and activities is a very popular trade show idea which definitely increases visitors and engagement.  Provide a virtual reality experience and watch the crowd gather around waiting for their turn. Make sure your visitors remember your name long after they leave your booth with fun and memorable activities.

Production Plus is a corporate and live event production company who lives for tech and loves to tell your story. Our skilled app development team provides the latest in technological advancements with virtual and augmented reality app solutions.

Production Plus Offers Trade Show Ideas That Work

Production Plus understands what it takes to tell your story with interesting, attractive and engaging trade show ideas that work.  We help our clients with all aspects of corporate and live events, special events and product introductions. 

Our experienced event production team partners with you to define, design, deliver and deploy a successful event production experience.  We handle all logistics from start to finish and work with you to meet budget projections including post event services and budget review.

Production Plus offers comprehensive event production services which include:

Trade show booth and floor design – we are experienced in designing spectacular trade show booths and entire trade show floor design.

Exhibit fabrication – we help to design and fabricate your exhibit, combining creative event production services and managing all logistics including equipment rentals.

Event rendering – our digital services include event rendering for a digital, visual display of your event prior to execution. This meticulous planning ensures nothing is left to chance as we tie together all aspects of your event.

Event staging – our experienced event production specialists, engineers and artists work together to combine all aspects of your event design for a wildly successful show.

Audio visual services – our AV techs are the best in the business and incorporate the right sound and lighting effects to connect with your audience.  Our audiovisual services improve audience engagement and brand awareness.

Scenic construction – the scenic construction team at Production Plus consists of the most skilled engineers and creative artists available, experienced and spatial planning, working structures and automation.  We bring your story to life with stunning scenery which captivates your audience.

Production Plus offers live event solutions and creative exhibition design for some of the largest companies in the world.  We help our clients to enhance their brand awareness through awesome storytelling in all 50 states and nearly every continent.  Contact us to speak with an event production specialist to learn how you can enhance your next product launching with trade show ideas that work. 

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