Popular Event Stage Trends

Event Stage TrendsWhen designing the stage for your next live event, it’s most important to factor in the attendee experience. Knowing what the event stage trends are helps you transform an expansive stage for keynote speakers, or tech driven displays with a different approach to grab and hold onto your audience’s attention.  You want to do more than just get their attention, however, you want to transform their experience, their feelings for your brand, your company or your message.  

Always keep the theme of your event in mind, the audience demographics and the message you want them to walk away with when designing your stage.  Talking with an experienced event production specialist will help you to understand the many options available to you with stage design.

Keynote Speaker Stage

When featuring a keynote speaker, be sure that they understand the context and format of their content presentation for compatibility with all equipment.  Setting a comforting stage that is inviting and pleasing to the eye allows for an easy flowing discussion.  Consider adding a plush couch, some end tables and water bottles for a homey feel and make sure lighting and sound are adequate for everyone in the room.

Tech Filled Stage Design

Investing in a tech filled stage with multiple digital screens, widescreens and/or digital displays, provides an opportunity to deliver creative content quickly.  Be sure that your content is designed to hold the attention of a large audience.  You may consider starting off with an opening video visible from end to end or replaying in a loop to keep the audience entertained while setting up.  Custom graphics and custom designed stages complement a tech savvy stage nicely with elements contributing to keynote speaker presentations.  Consider adding some music during intermissions with interesting visual displays.

Communicate with your trusted event productions partner for more ideas on the perfect stage design to tell your story with the most popular set design ideas.

Production Plus Offers Stage Design Solutions

Production Plus offers more than 40 years of event production experience, producing live and corporate events for some of the largest companies in the world.  From NFL kickoff celebrations to designing the stage for the Olympic medal winners, we have covered large events in every corner of the globe and all across the U.S.  Our skilled artists, engineers, designers, technicians and event specialists are the best in the business and love to tell your story.

Production Plus, based in Chicago,  offers all event services to take your show from concept to reality, alleviating the burden of execution.  We manage all event services under one roof in cities like Dallas, Las Vegas, Nashville, Austin, and more.  Contact us for your next event and take your stage to the next level with custom, trending stage design ideas.