Exhibition Design For Harley Davidson

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Client: Harley Davidson

Event: 105th Anniversary

Locations: Milwaukee, WI.
Production Plus offers a variety of services in the United States, Europe and around the world including Event Production Exhibition Design.

Harley Davidson celebrated their 105th anniversary in 2008 with a grand tour through an awesome exhibit held at the Discovery World Science and Technology Museum in Milwaukee, WI. Production Plus created wall size, lighted displays to showcase the successful history and awesome mechanics that go into the Harley Davidson motorcycle. Our skilled craftsmen and experienced engineers created engaging exhibits with full audio visual services and scenic construction displays, assisting with the logistics of incorporating the many magnificent motorcycles into each exhibit.

Production Plus managed the logistics of two ongoing locations, the grand exhibit designs for the Science and Technology Museum along with an outdoor stage constructed for concerts from Bruce Springsteen, Daughtry, ZZ Top, Buddy Guy, the Black Crowes and more. We loved telling the story of this awesome American company and sharing the celebration with Harley Davidson employees, riders and guests. With an estimated 125,000 riders attending the celebration, it was unanimous that all attendees enjoyed over a full week of full-throttle fun.

As always, when the fun is over we are the last to leave, tearing down any temporary exhibits for removal and returning of all rented production equipment. Production Plus offers professional exhibition design services along with comprehensive event production solutions which include telling your story in code with custom app development, digital production of animation, event rendering, 3D gaming and grand format printing solutions. Contact us for more information on our total event solutions which include first class exhibition design services.


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