Event Rigging Guide

types of rigging for your eventThere is a lot to consider when designing the right event rigging system for your corporate event or live show.  Event professionals know that having the right lighting, audio visual technology, staging backdrops and more is what catches the attention of your audience and allows them to clearly see and hear your message.  Knowing the various types of rigging and the many considerations such as point load, uniform load and dynamic load are critical in selecting the right rigging for your venue.

Ground Supported Truss Totem

This is a very common and inexpensive type of rigging that is also quite effective. A truss with a large heavy base allows you to hang gear such as a television display and audio equipment at the most effective height level for your design.

Genie & Summer Lift

This type of rigging provides a highly effective production look with truss bars in areas that you may not have been able to get to.  This is essentially a tripod base with four long legs taking up about a 6’ x 6’ footprint. There are endless ways that you can deploy this type of rigging system, hanging audio equipment or lights with multiple configurations.

Chain Motor

The chain motor types of rigging are quite common in corporate event settings, which consists of a mechanical device with steel chains and hooks and a motor to provide mobility. These are laid out horizontally and may rise up to the ceiling with many configuration options to blend in with your audio visual technology.

Be Aware of Weight Limits

This is where it can get tricky and is absolutely critical that you understand the weight limits of your rigging apparatus.  A professional event production company skilled in event staging and design will be able to help you design the right rigging with appropriate weight limits to avoid a major catastrophe.  There is a difference between point load, uniform load and dynamic load that must be understood prior to setting up your rigging. 

Point load refers to the weight that something can hold, such as a that truss can hold 500 pounds.  Once your lifting and moving equipment that turns to dynamic load and the uniform load is the way that your weight is distributed across your rigging.  Don’t go it alone in designing your rigging solutions, consult with the professionals at Production Plus for stellar rigging solutions that hold up in any event setting.

As always, safety must be your first priority with any rigging solution.  Here is a Basic Rigging Workbook that details some of the most important considerations.  This area of calculating weight and load limit can be quite complex where most event planners benefit from consulting with a rigging professional.

Production Plus leads the event production industry with more than 40 years of experience and highly trained event professionals.  We offer rigging solutions along with exceptional event staging, scenic constructions, exhibitions and more as well as managing all logistics.  Contact us with any questions on the right rigging for your event for a solid foundation to a spectacular presentation.