An Exhibit Designed for User Experience

harley davidson event production exhibition designMuseum exhibition designers and fabricators have designing exhibits for an extraordinary user experience down to a fine science. As soon as you walk into a museum you begin to navigate the exhibits and decide where to focus your attention. Some people choose to start at the first exhibit they see and work their way around the room from beginning to end, some people choose to start at the top floor and work their way down and others yet pick and choose what they focus on.

No matter your style when you visit museums and exhibits, you want to feel comfortable and feel like you are getting a personal experience even though thousands have come before you and will come after you. Everyone is different and exhibits must be designed to give each individual a unique user experience, even different types of people with different browsing styles and tastes.

Production Plus Offers Extraordinary Exhibition Design

Exhibition design in three dimensions can be challenging to say the least. There is a lot to be learned from museum curators and visual designers.   Here are a few little-known facts about designing exhibitions for an extraordinary user experience.

According to an article by Inside Design, research shows us that when exhibits contain walls of text, people will naturally gravitate towards and read the shortest paragraph first.  This is true no matter where the shortest paragraph falls in the layout. People tend to tackle this type of reading much differently than when they are in the comfort of their own home and starting to meet a newspaper article or book from the beginning.

Another tip for creating a good user experience with exhibits is to flip the writing.  Rather than beginning with a product point and getting more specific towards the end, put your last paragraph first and start out specific. This lets the visitor know exactly what the rest of the story is about and puts them in control with deciding how much they want to read.

For more tips on creating awesome exhibits designed for an extraordinary user experience, consult with the event production specialists at Production Plus. Production plus offers more than 40 years of experience combined with the latest in high-tech event technology.  We offer vast resources and experience in exhibition design and exhibit fabrication such as for the Harley Davidson 105h anniversary where we designed and fabricated engaging exhibits geared towards an extraordinary user experience at the Discovery World Science and Technology Museum in Milwaukee, WI.

Production Plus employs the most skilled and talented artists, engineers and event production specialists available in the industry.  There comprehensive event production services taking your vision from concept to reality. Contact us to learn more about our creative and innovative event production solutions.