Event Production Trends for 2019

With the rapid advancements in technology, it has become increasingly challenging to deliver the “wow factor” during corporate event productions.  It takes much more than perfect planning and execution of event and venue details, it even takes more than delivering an exceptional experience for attendees.  Perfect planning, execution and an amazing experience are to be expected from your event production company.  What event production trends for 2019 show is that to really win with your audience, you need to provide transformative experiences.

Events can leave attendees tired at the end of the day. If they are to reconnect and engage with the message, they need a quick and simple way to do it.  Transforming thought or action from a corporate event experience requires creative delivery of innovative event solutions.  Combining the skilled craft of storytelling with advancements in technology is necessary to please the modern audience. 

Event production companies today should be delivering more than an exceptional experience with the following event production trends of 2019:

1) Transformation with Purpose 

Events designed without a clearly defined purpose will struggle to have any audience transformation from their event.  This requires exceptional delivery of well-developed content, storytelling with a purpose.  When your audience can follow along with your plot from the beginning to the end they will connect with your purpose. 

Combining your purpose through creative storytelling with the right venue and all event production services such as stage development, scenic construction, audio and visual effects and technology provide the most value.  Transforming your audience should be the goal of each corporate event production.

2) Active Engagement through Virtual and Augmented Reality  

People learn when they actively participate and engage in activities.  Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality experiences are a hot topic for event planning in 2019.  Events which deliver educational and memorable virtual and augmented reality will experience a higher level of audience engagement and transformation.  VR gives companies a way to submerge the audience into a new realm of reality where they can experience the product or service rather than just hear about it.  Virtual and augmented reality experiences are usually one of the most fun and memorable aspects of many events.

3) Passive Engagement through Technology

Your audience should be engaged without having to do anything.  Without leaving their seat, they should have a way to connect online with event services, agendas, descriptions of breakout sessions, links for more information or even converse with chat bots through specially designed software.  Modern business people live hectic schedules and are accustomed to instant access to information and connections, solving problems quickly before moving to the next. 

We want our information within seconds of googling it or looking in an app. Providing this high level of passive engagement which allows the consumer to connect on their terms is important.  Easy access to information important to them is critical for follow up and future engagement.

4)  RFID and Smart Badges

RFID technology and smart badges provide a streamlined method of event registration, check-in and many other conveniences which add value to the attendee.  Smart badges provide many benefits to event attendees with customized resources about their experience which is accessible long after the event is over.

5)  Social Media and Video Production

Consumers today make decisions based on a number of factors with visual appeal and accessibility top of the list.  People want to find what they’re looking for immediately with visual images or videos to provide as much information as possible.  Promoting your event on social media and documenting with video production goes a long way for audience engagement even after the completion of the event. 

Incorporating these 5 event production trends for 2019 into your next event will provide greater audience satisfaction along with transformation and follow up post event services.  Convincing your attendees that they will be entertained, engaged, connected and better educated is important and proving it is critical to transforming their thoughts and actions.


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