Don’t Let Bad Acoustics For A Live Event Ruin It

Acoustics For A Live Event

It is extremely important to consider the acoustics of your venue during the planning phase of your live event to avoid an audio catastrophe. Too many times, event planners realize that the acoustics of their room does not support their speakers or background music during the event, when it’s too late. Experienced audiovisual professionals know how to evaluate the most important considerations for proper acoustics for a live event which are the walls, the ceilings and the floors.

Evaluate the Type of Walls in Your Venue 

In addition to selecting a room with the right amount of seating and stage placement, evaluate the type of walls in your venue. Walls can be made of many different materials, hard concrete, thin drywall, air walls or even made of glass. Some air walls move like an accordion and are semi-insulated although can be notorious for hearing sounds in the room next to you.  Be sure to know what types of walls you’re working with and the sound insulation quality.

Pay Attention to the Ceilings

Metal or even tall ceilings and pose a challenge when combined with tile floors and hard walls with sound bouncing around.  Sound bounces off of walls, ceilings and floors and some ceilings can create an unpleasant echo and an acoustical nightmare during your event production. Be sure to check out the type of ceiling in your venue and speak with your event production company about the need for an acoustical architectural ceiling.

Don’t Forget to Inspect the Floors

Be sure to know what type of floors are in your venue whether tile, concrete or carpet.  The material that your flooring is made of makes a big difference in acoustics for a live event.  A carpeted floor, when combined with the right type of walls and ceiling will absorb the sound and eliminate hollow noises and echoes.

Production Plus Offers Solutions For Acoustics For A Live Event

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