Don’t Book a Corporate Event Venue Before You Read This

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Booking the right corporate event venue for your event is a big decision that can significantly impact the success of your event. Choosing the right venue affects other decisions such as available dates, parking, catering and available food options as well as how you can enhance the experience of your attendees.

Choosing the right event venue does not have to be a daunting task. Experienced event production planners know how to evaluate all considerations to choose the perfect venue and location. Follow these tips from the experts and consult with a reputable event production company for guidance in evaluating these considerations.

1) Book Your Event Venue 4 to 6 Months in Advance

You should start looking for the perfect location and venue as early as possible, at least four months and preferably six months in advance.  You should already have enough information such as the estimated number for your guest list, space requirements and available budget. Knowing these three things should give you enough information to search for the right venue location.

2) Evaluate the Location

Choosing the right corporate event venue location is critical for meeting attendance goals.  If your attendees will be traveling from out of town, be sure to consider location in relation to airports and hotels. Local events should be convenient and close to where people live and work. You could plan an awesome event, but if people don’t want to drive there or travel there you’ll be disappointed with a low attendance rate.

3) Consider Parking Options

Parking is a very important consideration as most people do not look forward to parking a mile away and walking to your event or paying high parking rates. When choosing your location, you’ll want to evaluate the nearby available parking, including parking lots and garages.

If these are unavailable, you may consider a valet style of parking service which is especially nice for upscale events.  You’ll still need room for parking all the cars but this will not inconvenience your guests in any way. You may also consider providing Uber and Lyft services to your event and try to work out a deal or negotiate for discounts. It’s important that parking is easy and affordable.

4) Consider Capacity Limitations

Be sure that you are aware of capacity limitations and that you will have plenty of room for all of your guests.  You will want to have enough room to make adjustments either way, if your attendance is a little less or a little more than what you anticipate. You could use tools like mobile event apps to stay in communication with your attendees and help with a more accurate headcount.

5) Amenities Available

Be sure that you know ahead of time all of the amenities that your venue offers, such as access to a kitchen and availability of food and beverage or catering services.  You also need to know the accommodations for audiovisual capabilities, Wi-Fi, and any event rental equipment available that you may need like tables, chairs and podiums.

6) Maximize Venue Layout and Ambience

Working with an experienced event production company will help you to evaluate all necessary considerations, as well as maximize the layout and ambience of the venue. Production Plus offers digital rendering to design your event digitally to specific venues, allowing you to take a stroll through your event.  Digital renders provide the ability to see exact locations of event staging equipment, audio visual equipment, signs and displays and how they relate to your audience.

Production Plus Can Help Choose The Right Corporate Event Venue

Production Plus offers full event production services, including evaluating venue options and rebranding venues to meet your goals.  We have experience with the standard venues in cities across the nation, as well as venues off the beaten path which add to a unique event experience.  Our skilled team partners with you from the beginning to plan, coordinate and deliver all aspects of your event and all required event production services.

Production Plus offers comprehensive services including:

  • Event staging
  • Exhibition design
  • Scenic construction
  • Audiovisual services
  • Custom event apps
  • Virtual and augmented reality apps
  • Digital renders
  • Event rental equipment
  • All logistics management

Production Plus offers these comprehensive event production services and many more. We captivate and engage your audience with skilled artistic design, advanced technology and decades of experience in telling your spectacular story.  Contact us for assistance with all event production needs including selecting the perfect venue for your next live or corporate event.

Contact us today to learn more about our Live Event Production services.