Do You Have the Power? How Power Placement Affects Your Event

power sourceDesigning an event with eye-catching scenic constructions and spectacular stage effects with high-tech AV is the fun part of event productions.  Just as important, however, is knowing how the placement of power affects the success of your entire event.  You go through a lot of hard work to make everything just perfect, can you imagine the power going out right before you open the doors? If the placement of outlets and their related circuits aren’t what you think they are, you could be in for a big, unpleasant surprise.

Power Placement at Events Matters More than You Think

Power placement at events matters a lot more than you might think, understanding some basics will help you to host a successful live event without tripping breakers and losing power.  When discussing power, it’s usually in terms of a 20 amp circuit.  Typically, outlets on separate walls are tied to separate circuits, but not always!  It pays to ask not only how many outlets there are and where they are placed, but also to know if they are on their own circuit – or sharing circuits.

Outlets sharing circuits that are out of the norm for electrical design may be more common that you think.  It pays to be sure where each outlet is and if they share any circuits when setting up all your equipment.  Typically you’d want all stage sound and scenic display lighting powered from behind the stage, you can set up lights and video screen power along a side wall and have your control equipment on a separate circuit as well. 

All of this equipment takes a lot of juice such as projectors, speakers, video screens and lighting.  Avoid a major catastrophe by planning out your power placement well in advance. 

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