Corporate Events Require Creative Production Services

Corporate events such as product launches, mass training events and live networking opportunities require creativity to stand out and make real connections in today’s fast-paced environment. Event production companies which offer experience combined with creative and innovative event services deliver the most value.  Working with an event production company that offers comprehensive event services provides an even greater value in terms of vendor consolidation, execution and logistics.

Production Plus Offers Creative and Innovative Corporate Events 

Production Plus is an experienced event production company committed to telling your story through creative and innovative event solutions. We live for tech and combine advanced technology with decades of experience in all aspects of corporate and live events for a wildly successful show to remember. We offer skilled and experienced designers, artists, engineers and logistics managers in all areas of our event services for successful productions which capture the attention of your audience.

Our one-stop event production solutions include:

Audiovisual services – we ensure that your entire audience is connected and engaged with your message through audiovisual services developed with the latest technology.

Scenic construction – we employ highly skilled craftsman who are masters of their trade and bring your vision to life with constructions made of various materials including steel, wood, paper, paint, fabric and more.

Exhibit fabrication – we design and fabricate exhibits which tell your story interesting and eye-catching artistry, storytelling, sound and lighting.

Event staging – we combine all aspects of our event services and experience to design the stage around your message for a beautifully executed event.

App development – our app developers are the best in the business and design custom apps to complement your event and corporate message.  Incorporating the latest in custom app development technology for an event, we provide virtual and augmented reality apps which are interesting and fun, providing a memorable experience for your attendees. 

In addition to these comprehensive services, Production Plus handles all logistics for your corporate event including equipment rentals and ensuring that all material is in the right place at the right time. We partner with you from the beginning to assist in event design, development and deployment while meeting your budget goals.

Production Plus is recognized as a leading global event production company, providing highly successful events for some of the largest companies in the world. We are dreamers, creators and innovators who exceed your expectations with innovative event solutions. Contact us to speak with an event production expert and learn how to improve your next event with the professionals of Production Plus by your side.

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