Consolidate Event Services for the Greatest Value

Event Production
Planning a corporate event for a large audience can be overwhelming even for the experienced event planner. Choosing the venue, designing the stage, making sure your audience can see, hear and connect with your message and brand takes an experienced professional. Event Services companies experienced in all aspects of corporate and live events, including successfully managing all logistics, provide the greatest added value.

Full-service event production companies save your corporate event planning team time, money and headaches. Why work with several different suppliers when you can have all services delivered by one company? Consolidating all your event services with an experienced, creative and energetic event production company makes life easier with many benefits.

It is much easier to communicate with one dedicated event planner who has a handle on all required materials, personnel and logistics than trying to coordinate all of these things together yourself. When you find the right event production partner, you’ll enjoy a much smoother operation and one awesome event that exceeds all your expectations.

Production Plus is Your One-Stop Event Services Partner

Production Plus is your one-stop event production partner, offering full service event solutions for outstanding corporate events. Our dedicated team includes the most talented artists, experienced engineers, event planning specialists, logistics managers, and tech gurus who love to tell your story. We provide innovative and high-tech event services to some of the largest companies in the world.
Our “can-do” attitude applies to every aspect of our event services which include:

  • Audio visual services – we employ the most experienced audio and visual technicians who know how to use sound and lighting to engage your entire audience. We combine tried and true techniques with advanced technology to make sure that everyone can see and hear your message in a way they will remember.
  • Exhibition design – our exhibition design specialists are masters in artistry, spatial planning, typography, image manipulation and narrative delivery of your message. We provide innovative exhibition design services for all types of events including tradeshows, museums, anniversary parties, product launches and more.
  • Scenic construction – our scenic construction artists are genius craftsmen who transform your vision into reality with larger than life scenery, constructions and working structures. We implement innovative technology to create immersive scenes which captivate your audience.
  • Event staging – our corporate event specialists work together and partner with you to design the stage and venue around your goals. We create the experience captivates your audience and increases your brand awareness and market share. We do it all from designing the set and stage to rebranding entire venues.
  • Exhibit Fabrication – our exhibit fabrication artists are the most talented and creative designers available, experienced in creating innovative displays that capture the attention of your visitors.

Production Plus is your one-stop corporate event solution providing these specialized services and many more. We offer digital solutions including custom, virtual or augmented reality apps, video footage for promotion or social media, printed solutions, complete logistics management and more.

Production Plus has over 40 years of experience in producing corporate events which connect with your audience. We love to tell your story through creative and innovative event services that draws in the crowd and wins over your audience. Contact us to learn more about our creative and innovative comprehensive event solutions which add extra value to your event planning team.

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