Common Mistakes That Ruin Live Events

broken glassMarketing and event planners spend a lot of time and money planning for large corporate and live events.  Marketing teams partner with seasoned event production companies to produce a showstopping event that meets everyone’s goals. But what happens when there’s the potential for common mistakes that ruin live events? The answer is nothing, with the proper planning these rookie errors are avoided.

Preparing for potential mishaps during live event productions is the only way to prevent them. In addition to stressing the budget, mistakes in event planning will produce a wide range of problems and headaches. Evaluate and prepare for the following potential mistakes to avoid budget drains, poor audience engagement and low attendance.

1) Selecting the Wrong Venue Is One Of The Common Mistakes That Ruin Live Events

An experienced event production company will help you to define the purpose of your event with design ideas prior to selecting a venue. Your chosen venue must accommodate all the activities and the number of guests at your show. Prior to selecting the venue, consideration must be given to the type of event staging, audiovisual and scenic construction elements required. 

2) Neglecting to Prepare for the Weather 

Always prepare for the weather in your venue location, especially for outdoor events. Be aware of the typical weather in your chosen location, including seasonal changes and plan accordingly. If rain is possible, consider an alternative venue indoors or include the costs of setting up tents, heaters or fire pits. It is critical to keep your attendees comfortable to maintain attendance and engagement. You can’t control the weather, but you can avoid lack of planning being a rookie common mistake that will ruin your live event. 

3) Lack of Promotion Leading up to Your Event

While expending time and money to plan every last detail and prepare for the worst, don’t forget the most important element – your audience.  Promoting your event through emails, website announcements, social media and mailings is important to maintain interest and avoid a low turnout. Quick and friendly social reminders go a long way to improve attendance.

4) Neglecting to Consider Security

Providing a safe and secure venue must be a high priority when planning any live or corporate event. Security may include monitoring metal detectors, checking IDs, keeping out uninvited guests or escorting out belligerent and unruly guests. Consider the demographics of your attendees, the type of event and the potential for catastrophes to plan for the right type of security.

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