Boost Corporate Event Attendance & Reduce Transportation Costs with this Simple Tactic

parking for a corporate event

With all of the details that go into event planning, transportation may be low on the list of priorities although is a very important aspect of every event. If your venue is in a high traffic area or parking is limited or very expensive, you could quickly lose a good portion of potential attendees. With the many options available today there is no need to leave this very important aspect of transportation to chance. By addressing this problem, it can actually boost corporate event attendance

Even if the traffic isn’t bad, the parking might be expensive in your venue location. Parking in some of the big cities around the country could run as high as $40-$50 per day. Even if parking is on the inexpensive side of something like $10 per day, for corporations that reimburse parking passes this could get very expensive.

If your attendees choose to take a taxi to your event instead of driving, the extra expense on their part may deter them from coming at all. There is a better solution that addresses these issues of rush-hour or expensive travel as well as overpriced parking.  With the rise of ridesharing companies, there are many that offer services with rides to and from events.

Ridesharing Boosts Corporate Event Attendance and Reduces Costs

Event planners are always faced with the reality of people that buy tickets to their event and never show up. Even when people have paid for a ticket, if transportation or parking is too much of a hassle many won’t mind skipping it.  Make it easy for your event goers to use a ridesharing app which offers many advantages over the traditional shuttle buses and caravans companies line up to transport people to and from their show.

With a rideshare app, attendees enjoy the freedom of being able to come and go as they please without waiting for the shuttle bus. Many people are already quite familiar with the concept of ridesharing and feel very comfortable using the service. Corporate planners can inquire among some of the more popular rideshare providers such as  Uber and Lyft, although some others offer similar services such as Ridevu, V3Cube and TriSpark. 

Many of these companies offer services to transport attendees for events and make it easy for corporate planners to set limits such as start and end times for pickups and drop-offs, specific codes which only attendees can use and even geo-tagging to limit the locations which ensures that your attendees use this service only for your event. Covering the cost of offering ridesharing services for your attendees is typically a fraction of what you would pay to hire a charter bus or shuttle company, or cover taxi and parking costs.

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