Event Lighting Tips & Tricks

event lighting tipsProducing a successful live event takes a lot of planning and coordination of every event aspect from venue selection to seating, AV services, exhibits, staging, lighting and more.   When considering all of the necessary elements, don’t forget the importance that the right lighting has on your event.  We’ve got some event lighting tips that can provide the impactful difference that provides the right ambiance and mood for the entire event.

1) Communicate with your AV Company

Be sure that your AV service provider understands the vision of your event and relay important information such as:

  • Type of function – formal, awards, educational, training, product launch, gala, etc.
  • Venue type and location – hotel, private hall, unique venue, city
  • Food and beverage – table service or buffet style?
  • Type of lighting at venue – chandeliers, high ceilings, centerpieces, etc…

2) Develop a Project Plan

Every event project plan should include the mission and goals, timeline, budget, rental equipment needed and the venue with a floor plan.  Some event production companies offer digital event rendering to show you exactly what your event would look like in your particular chosen venue.  This allows for a virtual “walk-through” of your event before even setting up any equipment.  A project plan will help you to decide exactly where and how to set up your lighting.

3)  Illuminate High Traffic Areas

Make sure that everyone can easily see in high traffic areas and illuminate areas of importance such as the buffet table, awards ceremonies and walking paths to avoid any trips or falls. 

4) Consider LED Lighting

LED lighting is known to be quite efficient, longer lasting and less costly than other types of lighting such as tungsten lighting.  You’ll create a nice ambiance while using less electricity and LED lighting allows for more creativity and flexibility.  You can easily emit various colors of reds, blues, greens and degrees of white lighting to get the perfect mix for your event.

5)  Add Some Color

Colored lighting can set the mood you’re looking for with a warm ambiance or a more cool and energetic show.  Practice with the right mix of shades and brightness to avoid clashing with your guests and shining a spotlight that is too bright or harsh.  You want your guests to be comfortable but stay awake during the event.

6) Discuss Lighting Effects

Talk to your AV event production company about the effects available with your chosen lighting.  Highlighting corporate logos in event space or showing videos during meet and mingle times can help to set the mood for your entire event. Use lighting to direct the mood and atmosphere of your event and keep the show going in the right direction.

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